Dr Laura Basu is an affiliated researcher at the Institute of Cultural Inquiry, Utrecht University, and a visiting fellow at Goldsmiths, University of London. She writes on a range of issues to do with culture, society, economics and politics. Her book Media Amnesia: Rewriting the Economic Crisis (Pluto Press: 2018) and her edited volume The Media and Austerity (Routldge: 2018) are out now.



Good Societies. Aims to develop ideas for new social structures, starting with the question: what would a 'good' society look like?

Media & Crisis. Project funded by a Marie Sklodowska-Curie award about the role of the media in our decade of crisis beginning with the 2008 financial crash.

Utopias Salon. A series of events designed to provide a space to explore ideas about what a ‘good’ society might look like.

Pop-up art Space. Multidisciplianry art space in Toulouse.

The Power of Satire. Political and religious satire in the UK and US.

Memory and Colonialism. Cultural memory of settler colonialism in Australia.


Selected publications

Basu, L. 2018. The Selfish Giants. The New Internationalist, June.

Basu, L. 2018. Five causes of media amnesia. Open Democracy, 1 June.

Basu, L. 2018. How media amnesia trapped us in a neoliberal groundhog day. Open Democracy, 28 May.

Basu, L. 2018. Wilful Forgetting: Privatisation and media complicity. Pluto Press blog.

Basu, L. 2018. Media Amnesia: Rewriting the Economic Crisis. London: Pluto Press.

Basu, L, Schifferes, S, and Knowles, S. eds. 2018. The Media and Austerity: Comparative Perspectives. Oxon: Routledge.

Basu, L. 2018. Media Amnesia and the Crisis. In: Basu, L., Schifferes, S., and Knowles, S. eds. The Media and Austerity: Comparative Perspectives. Oxon: Routledge.

Basu, L. 2018. Media amnesia let politicians off the hook for the economic crisis. Red Pepper, 13 February.

Basu, L. 2018. News Satire: Giving the news a memory. Triple C.

Basu, L. 2017. Living within our means: The UK news construction of the austerity frame over time. Journalism.

Basu, L. 2016. Media amnesia, austerity and the great crisis. Open Democracy, 20 May.

Basu, L. 2015. TV satire and its targets: Have I Got News for You, The Thick of It and Brass Eye. In: Meijer Drees, M. and De Leeuw, S. eds. The Power of Satire.  John Benjamins, pp. 207-216.

Basu, L. 2014. British satire in ‘The Thick of It’. Popular Communication: the International Journal of Media and Culture 12(2), pp. 89-103.

Basu, L. 2012. Ned Kelly as Memory Dispositif: Media, Time, Power, and the Development of Australian Identities. Media and Cultural Memory / Medien und kulturelle Erinnerung. De Gruyter.

Basu, L. 2011. Memory dispositifs and national identities: the case of Ned Kelly. Memory Studies 4(1), pp. 33-41. (10.1177/1750698010382159)

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