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Field of research

Ms. (Mr. drs.) L. Belder is assistant-professor at the Europa Institute, Utrecht University and secretary to the Centre of Intellectual Property Right (CIER) and the Centre for the Access to and Acceptance of Autnonomous Intelligence (CAAAI), University of Utrecht. Her research interests are in the institutional framework for the arts and sciences, and the issues involved in the access to cultural heritage and the introduction of new technology in society. She is  a member of the working group on Culture, Communication and Information of the Dutch UNESCO Commission and advisor on intellectual property, cultural heritage, information policies and cultural diversity. She is appointed as advisor to Dutch Arts Council ( Raad voor Cultuur). L. Belder is initiator, project coordinator and researcher in the three year HERA/EU- funded Research project “Cultural heritage institutions, copyright and cultural diversity”, which is part of the international and interdisciplinary CULTIVATE project.(2010-2013).

In preparation:

November 2015, International Conference on the Special Reports of UN Special Rapporteur Fareedah Shaeed on Cultural rRights 2010-2015, a collaborative project with Prof. Helle Porsdam, University of Copenhagen.

EU Call H2020 Robots & You, International Consortium on the Acceptance of Robots in society.

Dr. drs. L. Belder  Phd thesis The Legal Protection of Cultural Heritage in International Law and its Implementation in Dutch Law (2013)  was published by Delex Amsterdam in 2014.

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All publications
  2015 - Book parts / chapters
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  2015 - Book editorship
Belder, Lucky, de Cock Buning, Madeleine & de Bruin, Roeland (2015). Cultivate! Cultural heritage institutions, copyright and cultural diversity in the European Union and Indonesia. Amsterdam: Delex.
  2014 - Books
Belder, Lucky (2014). The cultural protection of cultural heritage in international law and its implementation in Dutch Law. Amsterdam: Delex.
  2014 - Book reviews
Belder, Lucky (2014). Book Review: The independence of the media and its regulatory authorities. Shedding new light on formal and actual independence against the national context. Mediaforum
  2014 - Reports
de Cock Buning, Madeleine, Belder, Lucky & de Bruin, Roeland (2014). Intellectual property rights and the development of robotics in Europe - Report for the FET-flagship proposol companions for citizens. (10 p.). Centre for Access to and Acceptance of Autonomous Intelligence.
  2012 - Articles
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  2012 - Book parts / chapters
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  2012 - Reports
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  2012 - Annotations
Speyart, H. & Belder, L.P.C. (12.07.2012). IER 2013, nr. C-18/11, (annotatie HvJ EU 12 juli 2012, nr. C-18/11 (Compass-Datenbank), IER 2013/1, p. 6.).
  2012 - Lectures
L.P.C. Belder (03.12.2012). ‘PPS & Innovatie in nieuwe sectoren’, presentatie ‘Publiek Private Samenwerkingen in digitaliseringsoperaties’. CIER-congres.
L.P.C. Belder (28.03.2012). International Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights: keynote: ‘Digitisation of Cultural Heritage in the EU & Indonesia, Promises & Challenges’. South Sulawesi, Universitas Hasanuddin in Makasar.
L.P.C. Belder (29.11.2012). Presentatie: ‘Europese Digitale Agenda t.a.v. het digitaliseren en ontsluiten van cultureel erfgoed’. Ius Commune-congres.
  2011 - Articles
Belder, L.P.C., Dijkman, L.E. & Mombers, A.E.M. (2011). The age of copyright: Wittem's copyright reform proposal compared to Samuelson's Preliminary Thoughts. Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property, 1 (3), (pp. 200-222) (23 p.).
  2011 - Lectures
L.P.C. Belder (15.09.2011). Keynote: ‘Heritage and Individuals’. 3rd Conference of the SIEF Working Group on Cultural Heritage and Property.
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  2010 - Book parts / chapters
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  2010 - Book editorship
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  2007 - Articles
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  2007 - Book parts / chapters
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  0 - Lectures
L.P.C. Belder (0). Bijdragen aan verschillende congressen, workshops en symposia. Indonesa, HERA/Cultivate, 19 maart - 6 april 2012.
L.P.C. Belder (0). International Workshop on Cultural – and Intellectual Property, keynote: Digitisation of Cultural Heritage in Europe. West Nusa Tengara, Museum Negeri, 21-22 maart.
L.P.C. Belder (0). Paper Presentation Copyright and Culture. University Maastricht Conference Culture and International Economic Law.
L.P.C. Belder (0). Presentation Assemblee "(re)sources". Wageningen, Beelden op de Berg.
L.P.C. Belder (0). Speech. HERA Final Conference.
L.P.C. Belder (0). Speech. HERA Conference Cultivate.
L.P.C. Belder (0). Voordracht: ‘Intellectual Property Rights in the New. CO-REACH-conference.
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- Master Law & Economics , Co-ordination of Master - Thesis projects.

- Course Regulation & Supervision of Markets.

- Lectures Communication & Media Law.

- Tutor Legal Research Master.

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Additional functions and activities

-  Bestuur Museumregister ( sinds 1 mei 2017)

-  Werkgroep Internationale Verdragen, Nationale UNESCO Commissie

- Adviseur Raad voor Cultuur ( per 1 april 2015)

- Bestuur Stichting H.J, Wolter


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