Il bambino bilingue a scuola nei Paesi BassiLuisa Meroni (Advisor)
11 Apr 2021
Frontiers in Psychology (Journal)Luisa Meroni (Editor)
16 Feb 2021


Facts and Myths about BilingualismL. Meroni (Advisor)
14 Nov 2020
Multilingualism: the art of raising a child with more than one languageLuisa Meroni (Advisor)
19 Apr 2020


Collectives in Mandarin Chinese: contextual and grammatical factorsLuisa Meroni (Speaker)
12 Sept 201914 Sept 2019
, Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition (Milan)
‘New approaches to the study of joint attention in naturalistic settings’,Luisa Meroni (Invited speaker)
15 Jul 201918 Jul 2019


The acquisition of modality: the case of Dutch 'hoeven'Luisa Meroni (Invited speaker)
2 Nov 2018
Going Romance 2018L. Meroni (Organiser)
2018 → …
Aijun HuangLuisa Meroni (Host)


Stress or context for the computation of Scalar Implicatures?Luisa Meroni (Presenter)
30 Sept 2017
, Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition
Children’s interpretation of epistemic modals in Dutch: a look at hoevenLuisa Meroni (Presenter)
7 Sept 2017
, Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition


Euro- XPRAG London Master Class Luisa Meroni (Invited speaker)
28 May 2013


Specific indefinite objects in bilingual acquisition. When Italian helps DutchLuisa Meroni (Invited speaker)
20 Nov 2012
, Comparative Syntax Meeting
Parsing Semantic Ambiguity: Strategies and CommitmentsLuisa Meroni (Invited speaker)
29 Mar 2012
, GLOW (Berlin)
'Do you know all SI? I know some: context dependence of children's computation of SI'Luisa Meroni (Invited speaker)
28 Mar 2012
, GLOW (Berlin)
Question under discussion for implicature computationLuisa Meroni (Invited speaker)
27 Jan 2012
, iworkshop - Implicature Workshop


Being 'the only one' means everythingLuisa Meroni (Invited speaker)
3 Sept 2011
, AmLap (Paris, France)
"You are “the only one”…how far do we go in search for referents.Luisa Meroni (Invited speaker)
2 Jun 2011
, Experimental Pragmatics Conference
Utrecht University (External organisation)Luisa Meroni (Member)


You are "the only one" far do we go in search for referents?Luisa Meroni (Invited speaker)
24 Jun 2010
, The XPrag Workshop.
BUCLD (Event)Luisa Meroni (Member)


Experiments on the Role of the Question Under Discussion for Ambiguity Resolution and Implicature Computation in AdultsLuisa Meroni (Invited speaker)
21 Mar 2008
, Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory 18 (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)
"Two Cheers for the Question under Discussion: Ambiguity Resolution and Implicature Computation in Adults"Luisa Meroni (Invited speaker)
1 Jan 2008
, 34 ncontro di Grammatica Generatva (Padova, Italy)
nts on the role of focus triggered by different types of QUDs in the computation of scalar implicatures�Luisa Meroni (Invited speaker)
1 Jan 2008
, 14th Annual Conference on Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing
Eye-tracking in language processingLuisa Meroni (Invited speaker)
, Lot Summerschool


The definiteness effect and the universal quantifierLuisa Meroni (Invited speaker)
16 Mar 2007
, TCP (Tokyo, Japan)