Luja von Köckritz MSc

PhD Candidate
Integrated Assessment of Global Environmental Change

Tentative title of PhD thesis:

Energy and material interactions in demand-side mitigation pathways


Tentative description of PhD thesis:

While integrated assessment models account well for cross-sector emission tradeoffs and feedbacks, important energy-material interactions are currently neglected. Robust mitigation scenarios require a complete understanding of these feedbacks for which it is necessary to evaluate circularity measures as a mitigation strategy. The greenhouse gas mitigation potential of demand-side circular economy measures is the focus of this project. There is a possibility to look at both the effects of circular economy on greenhouse gas mitigation and effects of greenhouse gas mitigation strategies on circular economy. Whether there is room to explore the latter, additional, perspective will be determined later in the project.
Working within the CircoMod project.



  • Bachelor Global Sustainability Science at Utrecht University - 2016-2020
  • Master Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development at the Stockholm Resilience Centre - 2021-2023