I am assistant professor of interactive media, screens, and interfaces. I have a background in literary studies and game studies.


  • game studies
  • climate fiction
  • the environmental humanities
  • the energy humanities (petroculture, solarpunk fiction etc.)
  • live action role-play (larp) and interactive theatre
  • temporalities

Current project(s):

  • My PhD research looked at "Anthropocene temporalities" in video games in order to understand a new structure of feeling particular to these times, characterized by a sense of protracted crisis, anxiety over the future, apocalypticism as well as techno-futuristic hope. This research was part of a larger interdisciplinary project called Lifetimes: a Natural History of the Present. I am currently in the process of turning the dissertation into a book.

On the side:

  • I am also the founder and convenor of un-earthed, a monthly online environmental humanities reading group. Open to anyone: www.un-earthed.group.
  • I am a larp designer and organizer active in the Nordic larp scene. Check out my itch.io profile to see my work: https://lodbeke.itch.io/

To read my work, please visit my website: www.lauraopdebeke.com.