Stolte's research is part of the project Multilingual Voices in STEM-education (Multi-STEM). Within this consortium, various learning contexts of children are taken into account: school, the home, and science museums. Stolte's research focuses on the primary school context. She studies how students' home languages can be employed to foster participation. Through her research, Stolte is an advocate of equal opportunities in education.

Many multilingual students acquire knowledge in the home which is often left unused in the classroom. If the school only allows for the language of instruction to be used (in the context of this study: Dutch), and the student is not allowed to talk or even think in their home language, this can be challenging for participation. After all, the student needs to learn a new language, and discuss content in that new language. Stolte's research will look into the promising and challenging aspects of specific multilingual practices in primary education. To this end, Stolte works with teachers and a range of social partners.