Dr. L.C. (Louis) Penning

Prof. dr. H. Jakobgebouw
Yalelaan 108110
Kamer 2.002
3584 CM Utrecht

Dr. L.C. (Louis) Penning

Associate Professor
Inwendige Ziekten

After around 15 years in human-based molecular biology (post-docs in immunology, endocrinology and cardiology) I deliberately moved to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. An undiscovered field to describe diseases in molecular terms in order  to move forward in patient care. Here I found an enormous dedication of clinicans, technicians, and animal care takers to advance veterinary medicine.


My research theme is regenerative medicine (Helpdesk Regeneratieve Geneeskunde - Universiteit Utrecht (uu.nl)) with a focus on gastrointestinal tract. Therefore we culture mini-organs, so-called organoids, form various domesticated mammals (horse, pig, cow, dog, cats) and occasionally for more exotic animals. The intimate collaboration between clinicians and more molecularly-oriented researchers is crucial to maintain the animals health the central target of investigations. To facilitate, maintain, and advance this unique veterinary research I bring my expertise into the lab, teaching, and the Faculty Board.


“More and more the uniqueness of veterinary medicine is appreciated in human medicine”.