Dr. Luzia Heu

Assistant Professor
Interdisciplinary Social Science



EU High Level Conference on LonelinessLuzia Heu (Invited speaker)
21 Apr 2023


By yourself, yet not alone: Making space for loneliness as paradoxical intervention against feeling lonelyLuzia Heu (Invited speaker)
3 Jun 2022
, Refugee Youth, Public Space and Artistic Practice
The Loneliness of the Odd One Out: How Deviations from Social Norms Can Help Explain Loneliness (Across Cultures)Luzia Heu (Invited speaker)
25 May 2022
, VNOP Conference 2022
A look in the kitchen: Recipes for research designLuzia Heu (Invited speaker)
29 Mar 2022
, CAS Research Day 2022
Loneliness across culturesLuzia Heu (Invited speaker)
26 Feb 2022
Loneliness around the world: What do we know about different cultures and societies and their experiences of loneliness?Luzia Heu (Invited speaker)
16 Feb 2022


Loneliness in individualistic versus collectivistic societiesLuzia Heu (Invited speaker)
18 Nov 2021
, Loneliness beyond Covid-19: Campaign to End Loneliness International Conference
Inspirational talks on CollectivityLuzia Heu (Invited speaker)
3 Jun 2021
, STRP Festival Expo
Lonely in Wageningen, but not in Seoul?Luzia Heu (Invited speaker)
25 May 2021


Het Eenzaamheidsvirus - Studium Generale Groningen KenniscaféLuzia Heu (Speaker)
3 Dec 2020


Can more relationship choice make more and less lonely? A cultural-psychological analysis of relational mobility, relational stability, and loneliness in four European countriesLuzia Heu (Speaker)
18 Jul 201921 Jul 2019
, IARR Mini-Conference on Applied Relationship Science


Lonely without or despite embeddedness? A cultural-psychological examination of individualism-collectivism and loneliness in four European countriesLuzia Heu (Speaker)
1 Jul 20185 Jul 2018
, International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology Conference
Individualistic and lonely? A cultural-psychological examination in four European countriesLuzia Heu (Speaker)
19 Mar 201821 Mar 2018
, International Conference on Policies for Happiness and Health


Lonely Alone or Lonely Together? An Individual-Level Examination of Individualism-Collectivism and Loneliness in Four European CountriesLuzia Heu (Speaker)
14 Dec 201715 Dec 2017
, ASPO (Dutch association for social psychology) Annual Meeting