I am a planetary geomorphologist focussing on fluvial and coastal processes on Earth and Mars.

In 2023 I received a Veni grant to investigate Martian deltas. I use their sedimentary record and morphological characteristics to determine past hydrological conditions on Mars. The objective is to better understand how long liquid water was present at the surface of Mars, so we can make better predictions about climate, habitability and the potential for (past) life.

Before my appointment at Utrecht University, I worked for 3 years at the European Space Agency (ESA | ESTEC) and 1 year at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), investigating the effect of gravity on sediment transport and delta morphology. I obtained my PhD at Utrecht University in 2019 on the morphodynamics and sedimentology of estuaries with sand and mud.

Rosalind Franklin rover

Excursion Cebreros ESA

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