Dr. L. (Lindert) Benedictus

Dr. L. (Lindert) Benedictus

Assistant Professor
Sustainable Ruminant Health
+31 30 253 8831

Lindert Benedictus is an assistant professor in farm animal immunology and infection biology at the division of Farm Animal Health of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University. His research focuses on bovine immunology and infection biology and he also teaches in the Veterinary bachelor’s and master’s curriculum.
Lindert studied Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University and received his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, with a specialization in Farm Animal Health, in 2012. Immediately thereafter, Lindert started his PhD studies into “Bovine materno-fetal alloimmune mediated disorders” under supervision of Dr. A.P. Koets, Prof. Dr. V.P.M.G. Rutten and Prof. Dr. M. Nielen at the division of Immunology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University, and defended his thesis in 2015. For his first post-doctoral position Lindert worked at the department of Medical Microbiology (University Medical Centre, Utrecht) as well as continuing to work at the division of Immunology. He participated in a project to develop innovative new vaccination strategies against Staphylococcus aureus mastitis in dairy cattle, investigating host-pathogen interactions as well as performing experimental vaccine trials. Next, he moved to Scotland working as a research fellow at the Roslin Institute (University of Edinburgh), studying the role of non-conventional T-cells and antigens as novel vaccine targets for bovine tuberculosis, a collaborative project between the Roslin institute and APHA working with Dr. T. Connelley, Prof. Dr. M. Vordermeier and Prof. Dr. I. Morrison. A major result of this PostDoc was the first functional characterization of MAIT cells in cattle.


Research interests:
Immunology, Infection biology, Vaccinology, Farm animal health, One Health, Ruminants, Udder health, Host-Pathogen interactions, Non-conventional T-cells.