Dr. Lucie White

Assistant Professor
Ethiek Instituut



Policy-Making Under Uncertainty in Public Health and BeyondLucie White (Invited speaker)
24 Oct 2023
, Freedom and Fairness in Public Health Policy
Policy-Making Under UncertaintyLucie White (Speaker)
12 May 2023
, Expertise in Crises: COVID-19 and Beyond
Public Health Policy Justification: Not Just a Matter of Individual HarmLucie White (Speaker)
3 May 2023
, OZSW Annual Conference 2023
Decision-Making Under Uncertainty: Precautionary Reasoning and Asymmetry of ControlLucie White (Speaker)
27 Mar 2023
, Ethics and Epistemology of Expertise: Covid-19, Climate and Beyond
Precautionary Reasoning and Pandemic RestrictionsLucie White (Speaker)
12 Jan 2023


Decision-Making Under Uncertainty: Precautionary Reasoning, Pandemic Restrictions and Asymmetry of ControlLucie White (Speaker)
5 Dec 2022
Decision-Making Under Uncertainty: Precautionary Reasoning, Pandemic Restrictions and Asymmetry of ControlLucie White (Speaker)
14 Sept 2022
Free Riding and VaccinationLucie White (Speaker)
7 Sept 2022
Assessing the Evidence for Lockdowns: Causation, Complexity and Policy InterventionLucie White (Speaker)
26 Jul 2022
, Science and Values: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives
Algorithmic Outsourcing and the Value of ChoiceLucie White (Speaker)
8 Jul 2022
, Leibniz Workshop on Digital Ethics
On the Justification of LockdownsLucie White (Speaker)
24 Jun 2022
, Public Justification in Science and Medicine
Free Riding and Vaccination StrategyLucie White (Speaker)
11 May 2022
, OZSW Political Philosophy Workshop
Should We Have Lockdowns?Lucie White (Keynote speaker)
3 Apr 2022
, Utrecht Day of Philosophy
Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on MinoritiesLucie White (Keynote speaker)
15 Mar 2022
, Minorities and Philosophy Panel Discussion, University of Bristol and University of Leeds


Autonomy and "Pathological Desires"Lucie White (Invited speaker)
3 Dec 2021
, OZSW Annual Conference 2021
Beyond Privacy: The Case for Centralized Digital Contact TracingLucie White (Keynote speaker)
17 Sept 2021
, „Sie hatten einen Risikokontakt!“ Ethische und gesellschaftliche Dimensionen digitaler Kontaktnachverfolgung in der Corona-Pandemie, Ruhr University Bochum
Nudging, Paternalism and Health AppsLucie White (Invited speaker)
6 Jul 2021
, Joint Conference of Computer Ethics Philosophical Enquiry and the International Association for Computing and Philosophy (CEPE/IACAP), University of Hamburg
When Is Lockdown Justified?Lucie White (Invited speaker)
11 May 2021
, Philosophical Perspectives on COVID-19, University of Johannesburg
Personal Identity and Self-Regarding ChoiceLucie White (Keynote speaker)
4 May 2021
, Philosophy Research Forum, University of Bayreuth
Response: Personal Identity and Self-Regarding Choice in Medical EthicsLucie White (Keynote speaker)
16 Apr 2021
, Book Symposium on Theories of the Self and Autonomy in Medical Ethics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade
Policy-Making in a Pandemic - Justifying LockdownLucie White (Keynote speaker)
1 Feb 2021
, BIAP Lecture Series: The Science and Politics of Lockdowns, Barcelona Institute of Analytic Philosophy