Kim Zunderdorp MSc

Kim Zunderdorp MSc

Policy Adviser
Education Policy
+31 6 43 193 068

I am temporary out of office due to maternity leave. The colleagues who will take over my responsibilities are:

  • Community Engaged Learning: Roos van Lin,
  • Open Education: Fleur Stigter,
  • Kwaliteitszorg/nieuwe opleidingen: Astrid Teunissen,  
  • Afstuderen: Yannick Markus,

For other questions: reach out to Jos de Kruijff and Wendy Baalman (secretariat SO&O),




Kim Zunderdorp is a policy advisor on education at the directorate Academic Affairs, team Education Policy. She has experience with a multitude of topics within educational policy, such as educational innovations, quality assurance, ICT & Education, teacher professionalization, honours education and student questionnaires. She currently is responsible for:

Moreover, she was founder and board member of the Jong OBP Netwerk.