Kees Mulder
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Kees Mulder is a researcher focusing on Bayesian analysis of circular data, in which he is currently undertaking a PhD. 

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Scientific expertise
Disclosure Control
Circular Statistics
MCMC Methods
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All publications
  Articles - Scholarly publications
Cremers, Jolien, Mulder, Kees Tim & Klugkist, Irene (2018). Circular interpretation of regression coefficients. British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 71 (1), (pp. 75-95). © 2017 The Authors. British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd on behalf of British Psychological Society..
Mulder, Kees & Klugkist, Irene (01.10.2017). Bayesian estimation and hypothesis tests for a circular Generalized Linear Model. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 80, (pp. 4-14) (11 p.).
Zerr, Paul, Gayet, Surya, Mulder, Kees, Pinto, Yaïr, Sligte, Ilja & Van Der Stigchel, Stefan (01.12.2017). Remapping high-capacity, pre-Attentive, fragile sensory memory. Scientific Reports, 7 (1).
Ketelaar, Jolien, Cremers, J., Mulder, K.T. & Klugkist, I.G. (2015). Statistiek op de cirkel. STAtOR, 3, (pp. 24-27).
  Book reviews - Professional publications
Mulder, Kees (2015). Book Review: Circular Statistics in R. Chance : new directions for statistics and computing, 28 (1).
  Computer programs / software - Other output
Mulder, K.T. (01.08.2017). CircGLMBayes.
Mulder, K.T. (01.12.2017). flexcircmix.
  Lectures - Other output
K.T. Mulder (09.12.2016) A Bayesian circular GLM for circular data.
K.T. Mulder (24.11.2016) Circular Data Modelling
K.T. Mulder (15.12.2016) Discussant for Dino Dittrich
K.T. Mulder (09.06.2016) IOPS summer conference
K.T. Mulder (13.06.2016) Presented a poster.
K.T. Mulder (26.10.2016) Statistics Cafe Young Statisticians
K.T. Mulder (04.06.2015) 11th International Workshop on Objective Bayes Methodology
K.T. Mulder (10.12.2015) IOPS Winter Conference
K.T. Mulder (18.06.2015) Poster
K.T. Mulder (18.09.2014) BAYSM14
K.T. Mulder (11.12.2014) IOPS Winter Conference
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Sjoerd Groenmangebouw

Padualaan 14
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The Netherlands

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