I'm Kshitij Mor, a PhD candidate in the Organizational Behaviour Group

I am a registered Epidemiologist A, I have a research master in Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology from the University Medical Center Groningen and a bachelor in Psychology also from the University of Groningen.
My research background is broad and multidisciplinary and some of my research interests are LGBTQ+ well being, occupational health and inclusion in organisations.

My PhD project is focused on examining LGBTQ+ inclusion in organisations. My project aims to research the interplay between organisational and individual factors that contribute to feelings of inclusion at an organisation for LGBTQ+ employees. I also hope to examine how inclusion relates to employee well being and how to better facilitate inclusion at an organisation.

My PhD is embedded in the larger framework of the Sustainable Cooperation (SCOOP) project. - https://www.scoop-program.org/