Dr. Kim Cohen

Assistant Professor
Global Change Geomorphology
+31 30 253 5774

My research covers:
* Generic palaeogeographical mapping using GIS and databases 
* Subsurface geological architecture of modern deltas: river and coast
* The Netherlands in the Holocene and the Anthropocene
* Quaternary Geology of the North Sea Basin
* Lowland Geomorphology: from landform creation forward to deposit preservation. 
* Fluvial sedimentology: from architecture back to depositional process.
* Sediment budgets at basin scale, sequentially with time steps of 500 to 500,000 yr.
* Rare river flood frequency-magnitude palaeohydrology.

* Global Quaternary Chronostratigraphy (Pleistocene, Holocene, Anthropocene)
* North Sea Basin subsidence, neotectonics and sea level rise
* Southern North Sea onshore-and-offshore palaeolandscapes
* Netherlands' Rhine-Meuse delta palaeogeographic evolution
* German Lower Rhine Embayment palaeogeographic evolution 
* Lower Rhine Holocene extreme-flood event-stratigraphy
* Contrasting and tracing past, modern and anticipated future geographical situations in NL at large.
* Sediment budgetting at delta and basin scale over 1000s of years
* Proglaciation and periglaciation in NW Europe's low lands.

Part of my time is allocated to cooperations with and consultations at Deltares and TNO Geological Survey of the Netherlands, working on the above topics, lining up activities overthere with the research at Utrecht University.

Rhine-Meuse delta channel belt mapping and dating in GIS and databases.

Kim Cohen during a sedimentological field trip to the tidal flats of the Westerscheldt estuary (SW Netherlands).

Scenario maps for the Southern North Sea and Strait of Dover region in interglacials, before and after the ice age of c. 450,000 years ago

Large ice-age erratic in Veenendaal news item

Map of the low countries in 2300 under extreme sea-level rise