Dr. Kirsten Buist

Martinus J. Langeveldgebouw
Heidelberglaan 1
Kamer E2.34
3584 CS Utrecht

Dr. Kirsten Buist

Associate Professor
Clinical Child and Family Studies
+31 30 253 1412

‘During the coronavirus lockdowns, 20 to 30 per cent of young people developed worrying levels of depressive symptoms. It is especially young people for whom interaction with peers is very important. If this is limited, they face a major challenge.’

Kirsten Buist is an Associate Professor in the Department of Clinical Child and Family Studies.

In April 2020, Buist set up the Utrecht part of the international #BlijfThuis (#StayHome) research project. This study examined how young people aged 11 to 18 and their parents dealt with the coronavirus measures. In November 2020, she started a new study in the Netherlands into the behaviour and social relationships of secondary-school students. In addition to her role as a lecturer, Buist also conducts research into the family system, sibling relationships and problem behaviour. Buist previously wrote the book Broertjes & zusjes: zo stimuleer je een warme band tussen je kinderen (Brothers & sisters: how to stimulate a warm bond between your children) together with Sheila van Berkel.

Buist is an Associate Professor in the Department of Clinical Child and Family Studies. In addition, she is the internationalisation coordinator for the Pedagogical Sciences degree programme and coordinator of the English-language minor Child and Adolescent Relationships and Development. Buist is also International Classroom programme manager for the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Additionally, she is a member of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences and of the management team of the Bachelor’s programme in Pedagogical Sciences.

Buist studied Developmental Psychology at Leiden University and obtained her PhD at Utrecht University for research into the development of family relationships during adolescence in relation to problem behaviour.