dr. K. (Klaartje) Houben
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As scientific supervisor of the uNMR-NL consortium, I am responsible for the 950MHz spectrometer that will be installed at Utrecht University in 2015. Peer-reviewed access to this spectrometer will be provided to research institutions as well as companies in the Netherlands. In addition I am facility manager of the Utrecht NMR facility that provides access to both Dutch and European scientists.

My research focusses on the study of the structure and dynamics of membrane proteins with NMR.

Involved in the following study programme(s)
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All publications
  2016 - Scholarly publications
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  2015 - Scholarly publications
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  2010 - Scholarly publications
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  2008 - Scholarly publications
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  2007 - Scholarly publications
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  2005 - Scholarly publications
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  2004 - Scholarly publications
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  2001 - Scholarly publications
Bonvin, A.M.J.J., Houben, K., Guenneugues, M.N.L., Kaptein, R. & Boelens, R. (2001). Rapid protein fold determination using secondary chemical shifts and cross-hydrogen bond 15N-13C’ scalar couplings (3hbJNC’). Journal of Biomolecular NMR, 21 (3), (pp. 221-233) (13 p.).
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01.06.2013 to 30.06.2021
General project description 

The project uNMR-NL was awarded 18,5 million euro from NWO to be established as a large-scale research facility for ultra-high field NMR spectroscopy (1.2 GHz). In the new uNMR-NL facility, researchers will use magnetic nuclear resonance (NMR) and MR Imaging (MRI) to study the origin of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, to identify new potential drugs, to develop new materials for batteries and solar cells and to enhance the production of crops and food quality. The project is coordinated by prof. Marc Baldus of Utrecht University and also involves the Radboud University NIjmegen, Leiden University, Wageningen University,  Eindhoven University of Technology and the public-private partnership for the analytical sciences, COAST.

Role Researcher Funding
NWO grant
Project members UU
External project members:
  • prof. dr. Arno Kentgens (RU)
  • prof. dr. Marcellus Ubbink (LU)
  • prof. dr. Huub de Groot (LU)
  • prof. dr. John van Duynhoven (WUR)
  • prof. dr. Aldrik Velders (WUR)
  • dr. Henk van As (WUR)
  • Klaas Nicolay (TU/e)
  • Oscar van den Brink (COAST)

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Additional functions and activities

I am member of the diversity committee of the faculty of sciences

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Full name
dr. K. Houben Contact details
Mo Tue Wed Thu Fr

Visiting address: 
Nicolaas Bloembergengebouw, room 1.20
Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht
Accessible via Kruyt Building -> first floor -> bridge to Sjoerd Groenman Building

Postal address:
Universiteit Utrecht, NMR
Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht

: +31 30 253 9940

Phone (secr): +31 30 253 2652

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