Karel Steenbrink has worked in the Netherlands, Indonesia and Canada. Since 2007 he is retired and named Professor Emeritus in Intercultural Theology at Utrecht University. He published in the fields of Islamic studies (interpretations of the Qur'an) and Indonesian Islam and Christianity. In 2007 he published the second volume of his trilogy on Catholics in Indonesia. In 2015 volume III was  published (KITLV/Brill, leiden) with the title: Catholics in Independent Indonesia, 1945-2010. His book on the Jesus verses in the Qur'an was published in 2011 (Hyderabad, Henry Martin Institute) and the Indonesian translation was published as Nabi Isa dalam Al-Qur'an. Sebuah interpretasi outsider atas al-Qur'an, Yogyakarta: Suka Press/ Baitul Hikmah, 2015).

Together with Gürkan Celik (Zwolle) and Johan Leman (Louvain) he is the editor of a volume on Fethullah Gülen, Gülen-inspired Hizmet in Europe. The Western Journey of a Modern Turkish Movement. (Bruxelles, Peter Lang, 2015).

His book on Dutch Colonialsm and Indonesian Islam was in a updated version published in 2017 by Gading, Yogyakarta as Kaum Kolonial Belanda dan Islam di Indonesia, 1596/1942.

Since 2015 he is active in the project CMR: Christian Muslim Relation, a Bibliographical History, published by Brill, leiden under supervision of David Thomas and John Chesworth (Birmingham). He is section leader for the Dutch sources and advisor for Indonesian languages.

He is still teaching, giving lectures in a restricted way, because he likes also to spend much time playing Bach, Mozart and Scarlatti and taking care for his grandchildren.

Prof. Steenbrink writes regulalrly for a Dutch language site: as well as in an English language site:

He has published a good number of his articles and chapters of books on

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