Drs. Jan-Willem de Blok

Drs. Jan-Willem de Blok

Department Manager
Earth sciences Office
General Section
+31 30 253 5098

The position as managing director of the Department of Earth Sciences is about 'business' as well as 'policy and content'. For one part it concerns responsibilities for a number of financial and administrative issues, coordinating housing issues, social affairs, internal communication, etc.. The other part is involvement in the department's strategies for research and education, responding to outside directives (faculty, university, ministry), providing adequate management information for the university, its partners, and its 'peers', etc.

Basically, I am in the middle of everything...

Since 2019, I combine these tasks with the position of managing director of the Earth Simulation Laboratory (ESL), one of the main laboratories of the Faculty of Geosciences.


In addition, I am a member of Supervisory Board of the Stichting Geowetenschappelijke Activiteiten.