Jafar Qajar


I have over ten years research experience in the field of digital rock physics (DRP), computational rock physics, and micro-CT imaging and flow experimentation from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), the Australian National University (ANU), Reservoir Rock Technologies Pty Ltd, Perth, Australia, and Shiraz University. My expertise has focused on pore-scale modeling and imaging and analysis of tomographic images of porous rocks, particularly those exhibiting physical and chemical alterations. My work has encompassed the design of small-scale experiments suitable for micro-imaging and the development of solvers for property calculations based on images. I have made significant contributions to the variations of the morphological and transport properties of complex carbonate rocks undergoing reactive flow processes. Recently, I have started a new position as a postdoc researcher in the Department of Earth Sciences at Utrecht University, where I am engaged in 3D/4D imaging studies related to the preservation of building and cultural heritage stones using microorganisms.