Chief Open Science (COS) at Utrecht University


Paul Boselie (PhD, MSc) is Professor in the Utrecht University School of Governance at Utrecht University (USG) in the Netherlands.

He focuses on :

  • The added value of employees (HRM and performance)?
  • What is good performance in health care, education and government?
  • What types of management control are most efffective in specific organizational contexts?
  • What is necessary for effective implementation in organizations? And what is the role of line managers in effective implementation?
  • What is the potential role of employers and networks of employers in the shaping of HR and social policies of vulnerable workers (employer engagement)?


Dutch HRM Network Award (2022):


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SHRM: A Balanced Approach, edition 1, 2010

SHRM: A Balanced Approach, edition 2, 2014

Managing Social Issues 2013

SHRM: A Balanced Approach, edition 3, 2024

Talent Management in Higher Education, 2024
Public Administration and Organizations Science
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