Prof. dr. Jeroen de Jong
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My research revolves around open and distributed forms of innovation, that is, innovations that people and organizations develop initially for non-commercial reasons like personal needs, enjoyment, personal learning, or altruism. Examples include consumer innovations, user innovations, open-source innovations, employees’ bootlegging and lead user innovations, and crowdsourcing projects related to problem solving and idea generation. I explore how and when these innovations emerge and diffuse across society, including the marketing of innovations in new or existing businesses. Part of my research is about how institutions and policies can be changed to facilitate the diffusion of open and distributed forms of innovation.  

Other but related research interests include individuals’ entrepreneurial behaviors, and innovation and marketing processes of small firms. Recent projects are concerned with the development of statistics for open and distributed innovations, and marketing processes in small firms.

Beyond U.S.E., my current collaboration partners are at the London School of Economics (diffusion behavior of user innovators), MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA (institutional failures and policy implications), the Kent Business School in the United Kingdom (marketing and supplier adoption of user innovations), RSM Erasmus University in Rotterdam (start-ups based on open/distributed innovation), and TU Darmstadt in Germany (diffusion and marketing of user innovations).

My teaching activities are the intersection of marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation management. Specifically my focus is on marketing processes in the context of new business development in start-ups, small firms and corporate organizations.

Strategic themes / Focus areas
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Curriculum vitae


Tinbergen Institute, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Economic research assistant in scientific and applied research.


Panteia/EIM Business and Policy Research, Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. Researcher (1999-2002), Senior-researcher (2002-2005), Project manager (2005-2010).


RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam, Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship department.Assistant professor (2008-2010 in part-time 0.2fte, 2010-2012 in full-time), Associate professor & Academic Director MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship (2012-2015).


Utrecht University School of Economics. Professor in Marketing & Business Development (2016-). Director of Graduate Studies (2017-).

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All publications
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  2017 - Inaugural speech
de Jong, J.P.J. (04.04.2017). Marketing van gebruikersinnovatie - Goed product verkoopt zichzelf?. Utrecht Univiversity.
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IRIS - Integrated and Replicable solutions for co-creation in Sustainable cities
01.10.2017 to 30.09.2022
General project description 

Urban environments are accelerating their transformation towards cleaner, friendlier places able to respect and use resources more efficiently. Across Europe, cities are blending social innovation, engineering and ICT excellence and smart technologies to help reach these goals. IRIS is at the forefront of this change and announce itself as the newest addition to the European Commission Smart Cities and Communities (SCC) lighthouse projects. The project has been developed around three lighthouse cities - Utrecht (The Netherlands, coordinator), Nice (France), and Gothenburg (Sweden) - who will work as collaborators and test-beds for follower cities Vaasa (Finland), Alexandroupolis (Greece), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain) and Focsani (Romania). Each city will draw upon a mix of universities and research organisations, local authorities, innovation agencies and private expertise to accelerate entire communities to adopt ambitious energy, mobility and ICT initiatives.

Role Researcher Funding
EU grant
Project members UU

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Additional functions and activities
  • Lecturer at Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Management. Post-graduate MSc program. Coordinating and teaching: New Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Advanced New Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2008-present)
  • Fellow and co-founder Open and User Innovation Society (2013-present)
  • Manager Internal Relations, Utrecht Centre for Entrepreneurship (2016-present)
  • Editorial Board Member Journal of Product Innovation Management (impact factor 1.696, ais 73)
  • Editorial Board Member International Journal of Innovation Studies
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Full name
Prof. dr. J.P.J. de Jong Contact details
Adam Smith Hall

Kriekenpitplein 21-22
Room 108
The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 9889
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