Prof. dr. Jeroen de Jong


My research is concerned with innovation and entrepreneurship behaviors of individuals within and outside organizations.

I explore how individuals (consumers, employees) create societal value by engaging in innovation and entrepreneurship, how organizational practices can leverage these behaviors, and identify implications for policy. Research topics include open, user and distributed innovation, corporate entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, technology adoption and modification, online platforms, new business development based on innovative consumer behavior, and its implications for entrepreneurship and marketing practices.

I am particularly interested in how and when (initially) non-commercial innovations emerge and diffuse across society. Part of my research is about how institutions and policies can be changed to facilitate this kind of consumer and employee behavior.

My teaching activities are the intersection of marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation management. Specifically my focus is on marketing processes in the context of new business development in start-ups, small firms and corporate organizations.

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