Dr. Janpieter van der Pol

Assistant Professor
Innovation Studies

My research focusses on the analysis of innovation ecosystems with an overarching topic on technological sovereignty. I'm interested in understanding how innovation ecosystems work and how they can be adapted to adress sovereignty issues for critical technologies.

My research methods mainly focus on data-driven analyses, making use of big data, econometrics, natural language processing, machine learning and network science. 

To explore these dynamics, I employ a diverse set of research methods, primarily rooted in data-driven analyses. This includes  big data, employing econometric models,  natural language processing, machine learning, and network science.

By merging these analytical tools, I aim to offer a comprehensive perspective on how innovation ecosystems can play a pivotal role in shaping the technological landscape and addressing pressing concerns related to sovereignty over essential technologies. My research not only seeks to understand these ecosystems but also aims to propose practical solutions that can bolster technological sovereignty in an ever-evolving global landscape.