Prof. dr. ir. J. (Jos) Malda

Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht
Heidelberglaan 100
Kamer G05228
3584 CX Utrecht

Prof. dr. ir. J. (Jos) Malda

Equine Musculoskeletal Biology
+31 88 755 1133

“In our lab, we work on tissues that are manufactured with patient-specific cells. In the future, these can be transplanted to restore bone or cartilage in patients.”


Research focus: biofabrication and biomaterials design

Our research group focuses on biofabrication and biomaterials design, in particular for the regeneration of (osteo) chondral defects. We are developing novel biofabriaction strategies, as well and “bioinks” for 3D printing. These hydrogel-based “inks” are both designed to drive specific differentiation of the embedded and/or endogenous cells, as well as to allow fabrication with high shape fidelity in order to generate constructs that are a blueprint of the real tissue. In addition, we are adopting bioreactor technology to mature the generated tissue constructs. Finally, approaches towards the translation of the constructs in veterinary (equine) and human clinics are pursued, including its use as an in vitro platform for testing. 


Areas of interest:

  • Joint regeneration
  • Biofabrication 
  • Biomaterial development
  • Bioreactors
  • Extracellular matrix-derived scaffolds
  • Nutrient limitation 


Biofabrication in Translational Regenerative Medicine
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