Dr. Jan Vorstenbosch

Emeritus Professor
Ethiek Instituut

Dr. Jan Vorstenbosch studied philosophy and history at the university of Utrecht, The Netherlands. His Ph.D. thesis was on the fundamentals and applications of the Principle of Informed Consent (from 1984-1990, PH.D. at Nijmegen University, The Netherlands). Since 1990 he is Assistant Professor for Applied Ethics at the Department of Philosophy of Utrecht University and the Ethics Institute. 

His research in Applied Ethics ranges over a variety of areas and issues, mainly Animal Ethics, Ethics of Care, Ethics of Sport and Technology Ethics (issues of life world technology). On each of this topics he wrote books (in Dutch). 
His teaching in the Department of Philosophy and the Ethics Institute over the years was in Politics and Ethics, Ethics and Scientific Research, Continental Ethics and Ethics and Social Practices. The choice for a broad variety of areas of Applied Ethics, apart from the relevance of each field separately, is in trying to develop arguments as to method and theory concerning the question how the performance of general theories such as consequentialism and Kantianism in applied ethics compares to that of an approach that relies more on local theorizing, internal normativity and interpretational holism within practices.