drs. Jeroen Bosman
Subject Librarian Geosciences
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ORCID profile (including links to full text of all my publications and presentation slides)

Jeroen Bosman is the subject librarian for Geosciences. He is also an expert in the field of Open Science, citation databases (e.g. Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar), reference management tools (e.g. RefWorks, Mendeley), e-books and web search, Open Access and tools for scholarly communication.

  • Do you need advice on which journal to submit your paper to?
  • Do you need advice options to conduct Open Science?
  • Do you need advice on citation analysis or bibliometrics?
  • Do you have an acquisition request for the (online) library collection?
  • Do you need help with (historical) bibliographical research?
  • Do you want to incorporate scholarly information skills in a course you are teraching?
  • Do you want to boost your research group's readership?

Please get in contact for any of these.

101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication
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see my ORCID profile

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Additional functions and activities

Coordinator UU Summerschool Course Open Science

Trainer at Vogin and GO Opleidingen

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Full name
drs. J.M. Bosman Contact details
Universiteitsbibliotheek Uithof

Heidelberglaan 3
Room 2.16
The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 62 486 5967
Postal address
Heidelberglaan 3
3584 CS    UTRECHT
The Netherlands
Mo Tue Wed Thu Fr

Room 2.16 is on the second floor, behind a closed door. Please announce your visit, so I can let you in.

Working from home on Tuesdays; you can reach me by e-mail. Free on Wednedays

Twitter: @jeroenbosman (general) en @geolibrarianUBU (geo stuff)

profiles at: Academia / Google Scholar / ISNI / Mendeley / MicrosoftAcademic / ORCID / ResearcherID / ResearchGate / ScopusSlideshareVIAFWorldcat

blogging (with others) at: I&M2.0

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