Prof. dr. J. (Jan) Lipfert

Leonard S. Ornsteinlaboratorium
Princetonplein 1
Kamer 060
3584 CC Utrecht

Prof. dr. J. (Jan) Lipfert

Molecular Biophysics
+31 30 253 2824

We are fascinated by how biological macromolecules (DNA, RNA, and proteins) adopt their three-dimensional structures, make specific interactions, respond to external forces and torques, and undergo conformational transitions to carry out the biological functions they have evolved to do. We use and develop biophysical tools, in particular single-molecule magnetic tweezers, AFM imaging, and solution X-ray scattering, to provide insights into the structure and mechanisms of these biological machines. In addition to our desire to understand biological function, we are interested in developing methods and applications in biomolecular nanotechnology. 

A new lab website is currently under development. A lot of current information is available on our website at the LMU Munich [Link].



Experimental Biophysics and Bio-Inspired Materials