I am a PhD-researcher in the NWO-funded research project Evolutionary Ethics? The (Meta)-Ethical Implications of Evolutionary Explanations of Morality, headed by Prof. Mr. Dr. Herman Philipse and Prof. Dr. Johan Bolhuis.

In my PhD-research I seek to reconcile our scientific understanding of morality’s evolutionary origins, with our practical self-understanding as agents who (at least sometimes) purport to make objective moral judgments. Specific topics of my PhD-research include 'Evolutionary Debunking Arguments'; folk moral objectivism; 'Humean Constructivism'; antirealist accounts of moral objectivity; evolutionary contingency; 'proto-normativity'.

I also work as an essayist, columnist, journalist and editor. In 2013 I won the Academische Boekengids / Vrije Nederland essay award, with an essay on Stephen Jay Gould. In 2015 I was nominated for the Jan Hanlo Essaprijs klein, with an essay on love in the animal world. In 2014 I published my first book, co-authored with Dr. Han de Wit: Boeddhisme voor Denkers. In 2016 it was translated in  French as Bouddha Philosophe.   

In 2018 my book De andere afslag: hoe had het leven anders kunnen lopen?  will be published by Amsterdam University Press. The book – written for a broad adience – gives an analysis of historical counterfactuals, and proposes a method for assessing their accuracy.

Scientific expertise
Evolutionary ethics

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Please see the attached file, which includes a list of publications.

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All publications
  2017 - Scholarly publications
Hopster, J.K.G. (2017). Two Accounts of Moral Objectivity - From Attitude-Independence to Standpoint-Invariance. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 20 (4), (pp. 763-780) (18 p.).
  2017 - Professional publications
Hopster, J.K.G. (2017). Evolutionary Chance and Contingency: In Search for Systematics. Metascience, 26 (3), (pp. 481-485) (5 p.).
Hopster, J.K.G. (2017). Review of Peter Singer, Ethics in the Real World: 82 Brief Essays on Things that Matter, Princeton: Princeton University Press. Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, 10 (1), (pp. 120 -123).
Hopster, J.K.G. (2017). Review of Robert Kretsinger, History and Philosophy of Biology, Hackensack NJ: World Scientific Publishing, 2015. Quarterly Review of Biology, 92 (1), (pp. 84) (1 p.).
Hopster, J.K.G. (2017). Review of Uri Leibowitz & Neil Sinclair eds, Explanation in Ethics and Mathematics. Ethical Perspectives, 24 (2), (pp. 318-320 ).
  2016 - Professional publications
Hopster, J.K.G. & de Wit, Han (2016). Bouddha Philosophe. L'iconoclaste.
Hopster, J.K.G. (2016). Grensgevallen. Filosofie Magazine, 24 (4).
Hopster, J.K.G. (2016). Review of John Harris, How to be Good: The Possibility of Moral Enhancement, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016. Ethical Perspectives
Hopster, J.K.G. (2016). Review of T. Heams, P. Huneman, G. Lecointre & M. Silberstein eds., Handbook of Evolutionary Thinking in the Sciences. Quarterly Review of Biology, 91 (3), (pp. 362-363).
Hopster, J.K.G. (2016). Zijn jouw intuïties de mijne. In M. Janssens, L. Bauwens, S. van Balen, T. Tettero & F. Philips (Eds.), Brainwash: De belangrijkste vragen van nu Nijgh & Van Ditmar.
  2016 - Popularising publications
Hopster, J.K.G. (2016) Participant Boeddhistische Levenskunst (01.01.2016) Boeddhistische Levenskunst
Hopster, J.K.G. (2016). Is zen een religie?’. Filosofie Magazine, 24 (6).
Hopster, J.K.G. (2016). Loslaten als levenskunst. Filosofie Magazine, 24 (5).
Hopster, J.K.G. (2016) Participant Seculier Boeddhisme (01.01.2016) Seculier Boeddhisme
Hopster, J.K.G. (2016) Participant Serendipity (in kwantummechanica en het theater). (08.12.2016) Serendipity (in kwantummechanica en het theater).
Hopster, J.K.G. (2016). Wat doen getallen met ons?. Filosofie Magazine, 24 (3).
Hopster, J.K.G. (18.04.2016) Participant Wrik: Toeval (18.04.2016) Toeval
  2016 - Other output
  2015 - Professional publications
Hopster, J.K.G. (2015). Seculiere vooruitgang en de christenatheïstische chimaera. In Frits Bolkestein, Paul Cliteur & Meindert Fennema (Eds.), De Succesvolle Mislukking van Europa Leiden Publications.
  2015 - Popularising publications
Hopster, J.K.G. (2015). Attenborough en de Aantrekkingskracht. Over de liefde als illusie. De groene Amsterdammer
Hopster, J.K.G. (2015) Participant Border Sessions (01.01.2015) Moderator
Hopster, J.K.G. (2015). De creatieve geest breekt met het bestaande. Filosofie Magazine, 23 (10).
Hopster, J.K.G. (29.10.2015) Invited speaker De Balie De Succesvolle Mislukking van Europa
Hopster, J.K.G. (2015) Chair IDFA in Kriterion: Killer Slope (01.01.2015) IDFA in Kriterion: Killer Slope
  2015 - Other output
  2014 - Professional publications
Hopster, J.K.G. & de Wit, Han (2014). Boeddhisme voor Denkers. (96 p.). Ten Have.
  2014 - Popularising publications
Hopster, J.K.G. (2014). Eerste hulp bij vooruitgang. Vrij Nederland, 75 (01/02).
Hopster, J.K.G. (2014). Het juiste moment. Recensie van Joke Hermsen, Kairos. Filosofie Magazine, 22 (4).
Hopster, J.K.G. (2014). Hoe de Russische elite vleugels gaf aan de strijd van Pussy Riot.’. NRC NEXT, 30/01/2014.
Hopster, J.K.G. (2014). Meditaties: vind de waarheid in jezelf. Filosofie Magazine, 22 (7-8).
Hopster, J.K.G. (2014). Van nature goedgelovig. De Vrijdenker, 45 (1).
Hopster, J.K.G. (2014). Weg met de mythes van de economische wetenschap!. NRC NEXT, 01/04/2014.
  2014 - Other output
J.K.G. Hopster (26.05.2014) The Challenge of Ethics. Naturalistic Passages and Normative Choice
  2013 - Professional publications
Hopster, J.K.G. (2013). Stephen Jay Gould. De evolutie van een iconoclast. Academische boekengids, 97.
  0 - Other output
J.K.G. Hopster () Chance and Coincidence
J.K.G. Hopster () Christenatheïsme: een 21ste-eeuwse Chimaera
J.K.G. Hopster () Dutch Research Seminar on Analytic Philosophy
J.K.G. Hopster () Het Boeddhistische Brein
J.K.G. Hopster () Het Droombewustzijn
J.K.G. Hopster () Objectivity in Ethics
J.K.G. Hopster () Toeval: een ontmoeting
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