Key publications

Touber, J.J. (2013). Stones of Passion: Stones in the Internal Organs as Liminal Phenomena between Medical and Religious Knowledge in Renaissance Italy. Journal of the History of Ideas, 74 (1), (pp. 23-44) (22 p.).

All publications
  2017 - Scholarly publications
van Miert, Dirk, Touber, Jetze, Steenbakkers, Piet & Nellen, Henk (2017). Scriptural Authority and Biblical Criticism in the Dutch Golden Age - God’s Word Questioned. (400 p.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  2016 - Scholarly publications
Touber, Jetze (2016). Biblical Philology and Hermeneutical Debate in the Dutch Republic in the Second Half of the Seventeenth Century. God's Word Questioned Oxford University Press, Oxford.
  2015 - Scholarly publications
Touber, Jetze (2015). Bernd Roling, Physica sacra: Wunder, Naturwissenschaft und historischer Schriftsinn zwischen Mittelalter und Früher Neuzeit - (Mittellateinische Studien und Texte, 45). x + 485 pp., bibl. index. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, 2013. $216 (cloth). Isis, (pp. 174-175).
Touber, Jetze (2015). Finding the Right Measure - Architecture and Philology in Biblical Scholarship in the Dutch Early Enlightenment, 1670-1710. Historical Journal
Touber, Jetze (2015). God’s Word in the Dutch Republic. God in the Enlightenment (25 p.). Oxford University Press, USA.
Touber, Jetze (2015). Physical Sources of Biblical History. Histoire, Médecine et Santé
Touber, Jetze (2015). Religious Interests and Scholarly Exchange in the Early Enlightenment Republic of Letters - Italian and Dutch Scholars, 1675-1715. Rivista di storia della chiesa in Italia
  2014 - Scholarly publications
Touber, Jetze (2014). Bart Leeuwenburgh - Het noodlot van een ketter. Adriaan Koerbagh 1633-1669. Tijdschrift Voor Geschiedenis, 127 (3), (pp. 520) (521 p.).
Touber, Jetze (2014). Law, Medicine and Engineering in the Cult of the Saints in Counter-Reformation Rome - the Hagiographical Works of Antonio Gallonio, 1556-1605. (353 p.). Leiden: Brill.
Touber, Jetze (2014). Martyrological Torture and the Invention of Empathy - Gallonio’s Treatise. Krypton, 3.
Touber, Jetze (14.04.2014). Storia moderna o genesi della modernita ?, by P. Prodi, Bologna, Il Mulino, 2012, 240 pp., e22.00, ISBN 978-88-15-23832-0. European Review of History/Revue Europeenne d'Histoire, 21 (6), (pp. 915-917).
Touber, J.J. (2014). Techniques of Torture - Mechanics and Judiciary in the Martyrological Works of Antonio Gallonio (1556–1605). In C. Behrmann & E. Priedl (Eds.), Autopsia: Blut- und Augenzeugen - extreme Bilder des christlichen Martyriums (pp. 69-88). Fink Verlag, Extreme Repräsentationsformen des christlichen Martyriums, Beiträge der Renaissance Society of America (RSA) Conference, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Isola San Giorgio Maggiore, Venedig 2010.
  2014 - Other output
J.J. Touber (14.06.2014). Boundary Stones of Embodiment, Internal Stones and Disciplines of the Human Body. Ars effectiva et methodus: the Body in early modern science and thought.
J.J. Touber (26.06.2014). Melchizedek: Prophecy, Biblical Interpretation and Pastoral Concerns in the Dutch Republic around 1700. C1500-C1815, Revisiting Early Modern Prophecies (C1500-C1815).
J.J. Touber (16.10.2014). Reading and Measuring Antiquities, Textual and Metrical Aspects of the Study of the Past Around 1700. The Making of the Humanities IV: Connecting Disciplines.
  2013 - Scholarly publications
Touber, J.J. (2013). Stones of Passion: Stones in the Internal Organs as Liminal Phenomena between Medical and Religious Knowledge in Renaissance Italy. Journal of the History of Ideas, 74 (1), (pp. 23-44) (22 p.).
  2013 - Other output
J.J. Touber (05.11.2013). Gewaagde gedachten. Utrecht, Filosofisch Café.
  2012 - Scholarly publications
Touber, J.J. (2012). "Capita Selecta in Historia Sacra. Head Relics in Counter Reformation Rome (1570ca.-1630ca.)". In B. Baert (Eds.), Loose Heads. Proceedings of the conference in the Academia Belgica & Istituto Olandese a Roma in Rome, 21st-22nd September 2009 Leiden: Brill.
Touber, J.J. (2012). "review of: Antoinette Gimaret, Extraordinaire et ordinaire des Croix: Les représentations du corps souffrant, 1580-1650 (Paris: Honoré Champion, 2011)". Renaissance Quarterly
  2012 - Other output
J.J. Touber (06.10.2012). "Biblical scholarship & the divinity of Scripture in the Dutch Republic, 1660–1700". Conferentie "God and the Enlightenment" (George Washington Forum on American Ideas, Politics and Institutions) (Athens (OH), USA).
J.J. Touber (31.08.2012). "Cocceian Biblical Studies in the Second half of the Seventeenth Century". Utrecht, Conferentie "God's Word Questioned: Biblical Criticism and Scriptural Authority in the Dutch Golden Age" (UU / Huygens ING).
J.J. Touber (04.12.2012). "Koerbagh’s Biblical Criticism: Vernacular Perspicuity". UU / EUR, Workshop "Fault Line 1700. Early Modern Conversations on Religion and the State" (UU / EUR).
J.J. Touber (27.07.2012). De Wet en het Getuigenis: Spinoza en de rabbijnse traditie in de Nederlandse Republiek. Barchem, Achtergronden van en invloeden op Spinoza (Spinozazomerweek 2012, Vereniging het Spinozahuis).
  2011 - Scholarly publications
Steenbakkers, P.M.L., Touber, J.J. & van de Ven, J.M.M. (2011). "A Clandestine Notebook (1678–1679) on Spinoza, Beverland, Politics, the Bible and Sex: Utrecht, UL, ms. 1284.". Lias, 38 (2).
Santing, C.G. & Touber, J.J. (2011). Blood - Symbol - Liquid. Leuven: Peeters.
Touber, J.J. (2011). Phthisis My Blood. Blood as an Element of Health and Devotion in Tridentine Hagiography. Blood - Symbol - Liquid, (pp. 157-176) (20 p.).
Touber, J.J. (2011). The equuleus of the oratorian Antonio Gallonio (1556-1605): from martyrological invention to object of antiquarian studies. Studi Romani, 57.
  2011 - Other output
J.J. Touber (09.07.2011). "British and Dutch Biblical Scholarship, 1650-1700: the Sabbath". York, Conferentie "The Bible in the Seventeenth Century: The Authorised Version Quatercentenary".
J.J. Touber (22.11.2011). "Eroding confessional religion - An Anonymous’ Eclectic Interpretation of Religious Criticism in the Dutch Early Enlightenment". Expert meeting II "Faultline 1700 - Explorations".
J.J. Touber (04.11.2011). "Reformed Spinozism: An Anonymous’ Eclectic Interpretation of Religious Criticism in the Dutch Early Enlightenment". Soesterberg, Conferentie "Religions and their Despisers: Criticism and Vilification of Religions and Believers".
  2010 - Scholarly publications
Touber, J.J. (2010). Willem van Enckenvoirt and the Dutch Network in Rome. Fragmenta. Journal of the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome, 4, (pp. 121-143) (23 p.).
  2010 - Professional publications
Touber, J.J. (2010). De geestelijke en de geneesheren. Antonio Gallonio en medische vakmensen in het Rome van de Contrareformatie (1595 - 1605). Geschiedenis der Geneeskunde, (pp. 31-39) (9 p.).
  2010 - Popularising publications
Touber, J.J. & Brouwer, M. (2010). De kaper, de kardinaal en andere markante Nederlanders: een nieuwe blik op het verleden in dertien levensverhalen. Hilversum: Verloren.
Touber, J.J. (2010). Willem van Enckenvoirt (1464-1534). Ons-kent-ons aan het pauselijke hof. In J.J. Touber & M. Brouwer (Eds.), De kaper, de kardinaal en andere markante Nederlanders: een nieuwe blik op het verleden in dertien levensverhalen Hilversum: Verloren.
  2010 - Other output
J.J. Touber (19.06.2010). Philology and Theology: Commenting the Old Testament in the Dutch Republic, 1650-1700. Amsterdam, KNAW Conferentie Neo-Latin Commentaries.
J.J. Touber (07.04.2010). Techniques of Torture. The Martyrological Works of Antonio Gallonio (1556–1605), Mechanics and the Judiciary. Renaissance Society of America, Annual Meeting.
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Completed projects

Biblical Criticism and Secularization in the Seventeenth Century 01.11.2009 to 30.04.2013
General project description


the seventeenth century, the dominant position of religion and church gradually
eroded under the influence of debates in which the sacrosanct status of the
Bible played an important role. Traditionally, this process has been explained
with reference to the rise of the sciences, in particular astronomy and
physics, which, from 1635 onwards, led to a worldview in which a divine power,
watching over human affairs, seemed superfluous. According to this
interpretation, the scientific revolution was accompanied by an even more
radical one in philosophy, which eventually paved the way for the



propose to address this complicated development, which may be described as a
process of secularization, from quite a different angle. We think there are
good reasons to postulate that this process of secularization was a gradual
change that started earlier and owed much to autonomous developments in the
field of classical philology. This ultimately caused an upheaval in the
received views of Bible, religion and church. The term ‘secularization’, then,
is here used in the specific sense of assigning a secular, non-sacred status to
the Bible, which in turn resulted in questioning the claims to truth upheld by
the established churches. Textual research caused the conviction that the Word
of God had been preserved in a single sacred source to give way to the
awareness of a complicated transmission in a plurality of (often heavily
corrupted) texts. This undermined the exclusive Christian claim to salvation.



will examine our hypothesis by exploring the activities of Dutch scholars,
preachers and pamphleteers in the period from 1575 to 1725. The geographical
concentration on the Netherlands, and especially Holland, is intentional: Dutch
scholarship was profoundly engaged in Bible study, Holland was the centre of
the book trade in that period, and the public debates in the Netherlands were
to be a hotbed for ‘enlightened’ ideas. Our inquiry will study in detail the
contributions made by luminaries such as Hugo Grotius, Isaac Vossius, Isaac de
La Peyrère, Benedictus de Spinoza, Pierre Bayle and Jean Le Clerc. Analysing
tracts, pamphlets and collections of letters, both in Latin and in the
vernacular, we will trace how an originally academic debate gradually broadened
into a maelstrom of public controversy.

Role Researcher Funding
NWO grant
Project members UU
External project members:
  • prof. dr H. Nellen (Huygens ING; EUR)
  • dr D. van Miert (Huygens ING)
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Currently dr. Jetze Touber teaches the following course(s):
NEMD15002 Ned-De export van literair kapitaal D M 7.5
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Additional functions and activities

Secretary of the foundation "Friends of the Royal Dutch Institute in Rome"


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