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Eilers, Joren, Van Hest, Jacobine, Meijerink, A & Donega, Celso De Mello (09.10.2014). Unravelling the size and temperature dependence of exciton lifetimes in colloidal ZnSe quantum dots. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 118 (40), (pp. 23313-23319) (7 p.).
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Luminescent labeling of nanoparticles 

Nanomaterials are embedded in a lot of commercial available products, e.g. zinc oxide in sun screen and titanium dioxide in coating on tiles. However, not much is known about the environmental and health risks of nano-enabled products. For this reason, it is necessary to study nanosystems considering the whole product life cycle: synthesis of nanomaterials, manufacturing of nanomaterial-enabled products, use and end-of-life phase. 

The demand for guidlines for nanomaterials asks for model-nanosystems. In this project, the aim is to synthesize nanoparticles with a luminescent core and to study their luminescent properties. After the synthesis of suitable nanosystems, the particles will be traced with fluorescence microscopy which allows the study of spreading of nanoparticles and also properties like clustering behavior. The fluorescent nanoparticles make it possible to use combined fluorescence and electron microscopy for the analysis of the nanoparticles, down to the single particle level. 

Different nanoparticle systems can be obtained by changing the nature and amount of luminescent cores inside the nanosystem. One of the goals of the project is to design a single nanosystem with a unique luminescent barcode. Nanosystems originating from different sources can now be identified. 

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