Prof. dr. Jorg Huijding

Jorg Huijding's research mainly focuses on two themes:

  1. How the way people process information influences how they feel and behave.
  2. The (early) development of self-regulation.

His PhD research focused on the role of automatic associations in the onset and maintenance of anxiety and addiction in adults. After his PhD, the focus gradually shifted to the question of how (distortions in) the way we process information play a role in the onset and maintenance of anxiety and aggression in children.

After transferring to the pedagogy department at Utrecht University, his research expanded to how information processing is related to parents` interpretations of their child's behavior, how they view their own parenting skills, and how this relates to parenting behaviour.

At Utrceht University he also became involved in research into the development of self-regulation in (young) children. On this subject, he is involved in two PhD projects (one of which has already been completed) within the strategic theme Dynamics of Youth, in which data from the YOUth cohort study is used.