Prof. dr. Jorg Huijding

Jorg Huijding is Professor of Community engagement in higher education, and Director of the Bachelor's program Pedagogical Sciences. He works at the department of Clinical Child & Family Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Utrecht University.


Community engagement in higher education

The focus of his chair "Community engagement in higher education" is on strengthening the triangle between education, research and society. Within the university he tries to contribute to this in various ways.

Within the Pedagogical Sciences program, he is closely involved in the Pedagogical Practicum, in which bachelor students work in a group during their first year with a social partner on a practical issue. 

As an ambassador for community engaged learning within the Faculty of Social Sciences, he is committed to stimulating more dialogue and interaction between students, social partners and lecturers in education and to embedding it sustainably in the curricula.

As a member of the UU-wide program council for community engaged learning, he contributes to university policy on community engagement. In this role, he is a member of the network team of the Innovation Hub Healthy Urban Living (financed from the City Deal Kennismaken) on behalf of the UU. In this innovation hub, the municipality of Utrecht is working with ROC Midden Nederland, Hogeschool Utrecht and UU to structurally link the city's challenges to education, and to connect education more to the places in the city where these challenges play a role. He is interested in research into the benefits of different forms of community engagement for students, social partners and teachers.


Other activities

In addition to his teaching and research duties, Jorg is involved in a number of committees, working groups and projects within and outside the university.

Within the university he is a member of the education committee Dynamics of Youth, of the sounding board group for interdisciplinary education and of the faculty Open Science team of FSW. Previously, he was involved in the interdisciplinary education working group in electives, and the diversity and inclusion working group.

He is chairman of the national chamber of Pedagogics and in that role a member of the working group involved in the redesign of the master and postdoctoral educational track for clinical psychologists and pedagogues.

He is a member of the science committee of the Dutchprofessional association for Pedagogues and Educationalists (NVO) and a member of the NVO basic accreditation committee on behalf of the UU.

Reimbursements and attendance fees for ancilliary activities are transferred to the university.


Community Engagement in Higher Education