I am working as a postdoc in the "Global Water Cycle Modelling" project, investigating the impact of anthropogenic changes to the global water cycle. I use the global hydrological model PCR-GLOBWB to investigate the role of three aspects of anthropogenic changes: land cover, climate and water redistribution such as irrigation or dams. We aim to study the relative and combined roles of these changes on the global hydrological cycle.

My PhD-project concerned the effect of orbital variations on Earth's climate. The orbit of the Earth around the Sun is affected by other planets, and therefore undergoes small changes. These changes cause significant variations in the spatial and temporal distribution of the solar radiation received by the Earth. I used a climate model, EC-Earth, to investigate how climate of the tropics (especially monsoons) responds to these orbital-induced changes in incoming solar radiation. I collaborated with geoscientists of Utrecht University as well as climate scientists of KNMI.

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Curriculum vitae

Researcher. Radboud University, Utrecht University & Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL). Implementation and documentation of the PCR-GLOBWB model. Oct-Dec 2017

Fall 2016. Visiting scientist in the Computational Hydrology group, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

Postdoc. Impacts of climate change and anthropogenic changes on the global water cycle. Department of Physical Geography, Utrecht University. 2014 - 2017

PhD. A model perspective on orbital forcing of monsoons and Mediterranean climate using EC-Earth, Utrecht University, 2014

MSc. Meteorology, Physical Oceanography and Climate, Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht, Utrecht University, 2009

BSc. University College Utrecht (Liberal Arts and Sciences), Utrecht University, 2007

Semester abroad: University of Hull, United Kingdom, 2006

Recipient of the EGU ESF EARTHTIME short visit grant, Urbino Summer School on Paleoclimatology, Urbino, Italy, 2010
Recipient of the EGU Outstanding Poster Award 2013

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For the "KNMI Kenniscentrum" I wrote a popular scientific piece about my work on Mid-Holocene monsoons (in Dutch):

All publications
  2018 - Scholarly publications
Bosmans, J.H.C., Erb, M. P., Dolan, A.M., Drijfhout, S.S., Tuenter, E., Hilgen, F.J., Edge, D., Pope, J. O. & Lourens, L.J. (15.05.2018). Response of the Asian summer monsoons to idealized precession and obliquity forcing in a set of GCMs. Quaternary Science Reviews, 188, (pp. 121-135) (15 p.).
Liebrand, Diederik, Raffi, Isabella, Fraguas, Ángela, Laxenaire, Rémi, Bosmans, Joyce H.C., Hilgen, Frederik J., Wilson, Paul A., Batenburg, Sietske J., Beddow, Helen M., Bohaty, Steven M., Bown, Paul R., Crocker, Anya J., Huck, Claire E., Lourens, Lucas J. & Sabia, Luciana (01.05.2018). Orbitally Forced Hyperstratification of the Oligocene South Atlantic Ocean. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 33 (5), (pp. 511-529) (19 p.).
Staal, Arie, Tuinenburg, Obbe A., Bosmans, Joyce, Holmgren, Milena, van Nes, Egbert H., Scheffer, Marten, Zemp, Delphine Clara & Dekker, Stefan C. (01.06.2018). Forest-rainfall cascades buffer against drought across the Amazon. Nature Climate Change, 8 (6), (pp. 539-543) (5 p.).
  2017 - Scholarly publications
Bosmans, J.H.C., van Beek, L.P.H., Sutanudjaja, E.H. & Bierkens, M.F.P. (14.11.2017). Hydrological impacts of global land cover change and human water use. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 21, (pp. 5603-5626) (24 p.).
  2015 - Scholarly publications
Bosmans, J.H.C. (13.12.2015) Participant AGU Fall Meeting 2015 San Fransisco (13.12.2015 - 18.12.2015) Poster "Simulating the impact of land cover and climate change on the global hydrological system using PCR-GLOBWB"
Bosmans, J.H.C. (12.04.2015) Participant EGU 2015 (12.04.2015 - 17.04.2015) Talk: "Simulating the impact of land cover change on the hydrological system using PCR-GLOBWB" in session HS2.4.3: "Hydrological change: Regional hydrological behaviour under transient climate and land use conditions"
Bosmans, J.H.C., Drijfhout, S.S., Tuenter, E., Hilgen, F.J. & Lourens, L.J. (01.01.2015). Response of the North African summer monsoon to precession and obliquity forcings in the EC-Earth GCM. Climate Dynamics, 44 (1-2), (pp. 279-297).
Bosmans, J.H.C., Drijfhout, Sybren, Tuenter, Erik, Hilgen, F.J., Lourens, L.J. & Rohling, E.J. (24.06.2015). Precession and obliquity forcing of the freshwater budget over the Mediterranean. Quaternary Science Reviews, 123, (pp. 16–30) (15 p.).
Bosmans, J.H.C., Hilgen, F.J., Tuenter, Erik & Lourens, L.J. (09.10.2015). Obliquity forcing of low-latitude climate. Climate of the Past, 11 (10), (pp. 1335-1346) (12 p.).
Hilgen, Frederik J, Hinnov, Linda A, Aziz, Hayfaa Abdul, Abels, Hemmo A, Batenburg, Sietske, Bosmans, Joyce HC, de Boer, Bas, Hüsing, Silja K, Kuiper, Klaudia F, Lourens, Lucas J & van de Wal, Roderik (2015). Stratigraphic continuity and fragmentary sedimentation: - the success of cyclostratigraphy as part of integrated stratigraphy. In D.G. Smith, R.J. Bailey, P.M. Burgess & A.J. Fraser (Eds.), Strata and Time: Probing the Gaps in Our Understanding (pp. 157-197) (42 p.). London: Geological Society.
Simon, Margit, Ziegler, M., Bosmans, J.H.C., Barker, Stephen, Reason, Chris & Hall, Ian (21.12.2015). Eastern South African hydroclimate over the past 270,000 years. Scientific Reports, 5 (10 p.).
  2013 - Scholarly publications
Bosmans, J.H.C. (07.04.2013) Participant EGU General Assembly 2013 Vienna, Austria (07.04.2013) Posters "Precession and obliquity forcing of the North-African summer monsoon: A sensitivity study with the high resolution GCM EC-Earth" and "Obliquity signals at low latitudes"
  2012 - Scholarly publications
Bosmans, J.H.C. (06.05.2012) Participant Second PMIP3 Meeting Crewe (06.05.2012 - 11.05.2012)
Bosmans, J.H.C., Drijfhout, S.S., Tuenter, E., Lourens, L.J., Hilgen, F.J. & Weber, S.L. (2012). Monsoonal response to mid-holocene orbital forcing in a high resolution GCM. Climate of the Past, 8, (pp. 723-740) (18 p.).
  2010 - Scholarly publications
Bosmans, J.H.C. (02.05.2010) Participant EGU 2010 Vienna (02.05.2010 - 07.05.2010)
Bosmans, J.H.C. (22.04.2010) Participant NAC 2010 Veldhoven (22.04.2010)
Bosmans, J.H.C. (09.07.2010 09.09.2010) Participant Urbino Summer School in Paleoclimatology Urbino (09.07.2010 - 29.07.2010)
  0 - Other output
Bosmans, J.H.C. 2013 Recipient Obliquity signals at low latitudes
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