Judith van Erp is Professor of Regulatory Governance at Utrecht School of Governance. She is affiliated to Utrecht University's strategic theme 'Institutions for Open Societies. Between 2018 and 2023, she was a member of the USG Board and research director. Judith is a member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences since 2018 and a member of the Netherlands Board on Research Integrity.

Her research is situated in the interdisciplinary field of Regulatory Governance, and addresses regulatory enforcement and corporate crime. She has published on various public and private modes of regulation and governance of corporate behavior and their intersection. With her work, she aims to contribute to better prevention of corporate crime, by investigating innovative forms of governance that address the dynamics and globalisation of markets.

Judith has a strong interest in the role of the media and ‘naming and shaming’ in governing corporate crime, and published various articles on regulatory disclosure; naming and shaming; and framing of corporate crime in the media. She is currently working on a book on shaming in the open society.

Judith received multiple grants to conduct research into regulation and enforcement. She leads a research programme 'Authoritative reputations of regulatory agencies', financed by the Dutch Science Agenda in collaboration with the Council for Inspectorates. This research addresses the position and reputation of inspectorates and independent regulatory agencies. 

Judith's research contributes to regulatory innovation and has impact. She published a 'Science Agenda for Enforcement' in 2018, and conducted research for the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Safety, the Health Inspectorate, the Competition Authority, and the Gambling Authority. She frequently gives lectures to practitioners. Her advice to the Dutch minister of Finance on external supervision on the Tax Agency led tot he founding of a new inspectorate for the Tax Agency. She is the programme coordinator of the interdisciplinary executive course 'Supervision with Authority'. In 2018, she initiated the IOS Research Platform on Markets and Corporations in Open Society, with colleagues Rutger Claassen and Anna Gerbrandy.

Judith teaches in the Bachelor programme Public Adminstration and Organization Studies; the Master programme European Governance and the Bachelor Programme PPE.


First Year Group Executive Course 'Supervision in the 21st Century'

presentation of 'Science Agenda Enforcement'

Installation KNAW september 2018
Regulatory Governance
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