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  2017 - Scholarly publications
Nieuwenhuis, J.G., Hooimeijer, P., van Ham, M. & Meeus, W.H.J. (2017). Neighbourhood effects on migrant and native youth’s educational commitments, an enquiry into personality differences. Urban Studies, 54 (10), (pp. 2285-2304).
Nieuwenhuis, J.G., van Ham, Maarten, Yu, Rongqin, Branje, Susan, Meeus, Wim & Hooimeijer, Pieter (31.03.2017). Being Poorer Than the Rest of the Neighborhood - Relative Deprivation and Problem Behavior of Youth. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, (pp. 1-14) (14 p.).
Nieuwenhuis, Jaap, Hooimeijer, Pieter, van Ham, Maarten & Meeus, Wim (2017). Neighbourhood immigrant concentration effects on migrant and native youth's educational commitments, an enquiry into personality differences. Urban Studies, 54 (10), (pp. 2285-2304) (20 p.).
Nieuwenhuis, Jaap, van Ham, M., Yu, R., Branje, S.J.T., Meeus, W.H.J. & Hooimeijer, P. (2017). Being poorer than the rest of the neighbourhood: Relative deprivation and problem behaviour of youth. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 46 (9), (pp. 1891–1904) (14 p.).
  2016 - Scholarly publications
Nieuwenhuis, Jaap, Yu, Rongqin, Branje, Susan, Meeus, Wim & Hooimeijer, Pieter (01.12.2016). Neighbourhood poverty, work commitment and unemployment in early adulthood - A longitudinal study into the moderating effect of personality. PLoS One, 11 (12).
Yu, Rongqin, Nieuwenhuis, Jaap, Meeus, Wim, Hooimeijer, Pieter, Koot, Hans M. & Branje, Susan (2016). Biological sensitivity to context - Cortisol awakening response moderates the effects of neighbourhood density on the development of adolescent externalizing problem behaviours. Biological Psychology, 120, (pp. 96-107) (12 p.).
  2016 - Other output
Nieuwenhuis, J.G., Hooimeijer, P., van Ham, M. & Meeus, W.H.J. (13.04.2016). Neighbourhood effects on migrant and native youth’s educational commitments, an enquiry into personality differences.
  2015 - Scholarly publications
Nieuwenhuis, Jaap & Hooimeijer, Pieter (24.07.2015). The association between neighbourhoods and educational achievement, a systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Housing and the Built Environment
Nieuwenhuis, Jaap, Hooimeijer, Pieter & Meeus, Wim (01.03.2015). Neighbourhood effects on educational attainment of adolescents, buffered by personality and educational commitment. Social Science Research, 50, (pp. 100-109) (10 p.).
  2015 - Other output
Nieuwenhuis, J.G. (12.01.2015). Jongeren in achterstandswijk: hun persoonlijkheid bepaalt hun succes.
  2013 - Scholarly publications
Nieuwenhuis, J., Hooimeijer, P., van Dorsselaer, S & Vollebergh, W.A.M. (2013). Neighbourhood effects on school achievement: the mediating effect of parenting and problematic behaviour?. Environment and Planning A, 45 (9), (pp. 2135-2153) (19 p.).
Nieuwenhuis, J., Völker, B.G.M. & Flap, H.D. (2013). “A bad neighbour is as great a plague as a good one is a great blessing”: on negative relationships between neighbours. Urban Studies, 50 (14), (pp. 2904-2921) (18 p.). With erratum.
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Within the strategic theme Dynamics of Youth we will work on the project "Youths’ Resilience and Vulnerability to Maladaptation: Interactions between Neighbourhood Adversity and Individual Characteristics".

Summary: Resilience is a dynamic developmental process, encompassing the attainment of positive adaptation within the context of adversity (Cicchetti, 2010). Youths with different individual characteristics respond differently to environmental stress, leading either to pathological or resilient developmental outcomes. To explore differences in vulnerability and resilience to environmental adversities, we propose to examine the interaction effects between three important individual psychological and biological characteristics (i.e., personality, genetic liability, and physiological stress reactivity) and environmental factors (i.e., neighbourhood adversities). We will investigate these variables with regard to two youth developmental domains: psychosocial adjustment and school-to-work transitions. We will employ two on-going longitudinal studies of youths aged 12 to 25 years. Data were obtained from multiple sources (i.e., panel data and governmental registrations), and with multiple methods (i.e., questionnaires and experiments). The longitudinal design of the project allows us to take into account both individual-level and environmental-level changes in predicting youths’ developmental outcomes. Our goal is to discover who is at risk of being negatively influenced by neighbourhood adversity, and who is better able to adjust resiliently to challenging environments. Our project will enable the development of tailor-made prevention and intervention strategies that promote resilient adaptation.

In my PhD project we looked at the effects of neighbourhood characteristics and residential mobility on education (1), unemployment/income (2), and housing career (3) outcomes for adolescents. Additionally, we looked at the moderating and mediating roles of personality, commitments, parenting, and problematic behaviour.

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