Dr. Janneke van de Pol

Martinus J. Langeveldgebouw
Heidelberglaan 1
Kamer E338
3584 CS Utrecht

Dr. Janneke van de Pol

Associate Professor
+31 30 253 1796

Janneke van de Pol works as an associate professor at the department of Education at Utrecht University.


She has two research lines. The first research line focuses on teacher judgments of student learning and student monitoring of their own learning. She focuses on questions such as: "How do teachers monitor student learning?", "What cues do teachers use when they monitoring student learning?" and "What cues do students use when monitoring their own learning", and "How can teacher/student monitoring accuracy be improved?". 

Furthermore, she focuses on adaptive teaching (e.g., 'scaffolding'), investigating questions such as: 'How can teachers adapt their instruction to the needs of the students?', 'How can this adaptivity be measured?', and 'How can teachers be supported in providing adaptive support in their classrooms?'.


Within these research lines, she is interested in investigating how teachers can contribute to providing equal opportunities to learn for all students. 


Janneke teaches in the Bachelor, Master, and Research Master of Educational Sciences.


She studied developmental Psychology at the University of Amsterdam and graduated in 2006. In 2012, she obtained her doctorate entitled 'Scaffolding in teacher-student interaction' summa cum laude at the University of Amsterdam. Thereafter,she worked for 1,5 years as a postdoctoral researchers at the University of Cambrdige, UK, where she participated in the CamTalk project (http://www.educ.cam.ac.uk/research/projects/camtalk/) which is aimed at Dialogic teaching in secondary education.