J.D. (Jacoline) van Es

PhD Candidate
Atmospheric physics and chemistry

I am a PhD student at the IMAU, with a project that is part of the Paris project. My reasearch focussing on methane Isotopes at European sites. For this I conduct 6-month projects where I measure the methane isotopes in the air. This system works by focussing the methane and sending the concentrated methane to an IRMS. Here it measures the ??13C and ??D values. These values will indicate what the sources of methane are, while this is not possible with concentrations measurements.

I finished a 8-month timeseries in Cluj-Napoca Romania and am currently measuring in Hegyhátsál at the ICOS station in Hungary. If you want to stay tuned, you look at my linkedIn.

In my free time, I love to go scuba diving, play board games and be in the nature by walking, running or biking.