Dr. Jonathan Doelman

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Dr. Jonathan Doelman

Environmental Sciences
Building blocks for integrated assessment modelling 01.03.2023
General project description

In this project, we will create a free and open source software (FOSS) Python version of the simulation model IMAGE-land. This is a central part of the IMAGE integrated assessment model (IAM), used to make projections of future environmental change and effects of possible response strategies to support international policy processes. 

Our end products are building blocks at three levels:
1. High-level – the FOSS Python version of IMAGE-land, a tutorial with example, a best-practices training for UU and PBL employees, and a new collaboration between three UU departments and PBL.
2. Mid-level – within the FOSS: generic land-use change classes in Python.
3. Low-level – generic spatial operations from PCRaster-LUE (developed with earlier Research IT funds), allowing for out-of-the-box cluster computing, to be used and extended.

Utrecht University FAIR Research IT innovation fund 2022
External project members
  • Maarten van den Berg (PBL)