Prof. dr. Jack Middelburg

Vening Meineszgebouw A
Princetonlaan 8a
Kamer 340
3584 CB Utrecht

Prof. dr. Jack Middelburg

Head of Department
Earth Sciences
+31 30 253 6220


I have a very wide scientific interest; it may perhaps be problematic for my efficiency: so be it.

• from inorganic geochemistry via biogeochemistry to ecology

• from elemental-cycles oriented to organisms-oriented studies

• from weathering of rocks to deep-sea pore-waters

• from laboratory studies and field observations to numerical modeling

• from global scale down to nanometer scale, including use of NanoSIMS@Utrecht

• and through the use of reductionistic as well as holistic and explorative approaches.



• 2002 PIONIER Award from Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research

• 2008 Elected to Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)

• 2008 EUR-OCEANS Roland Wollast Award for contribution to Oceanography 

• 2016 Outstanding Editor Award, EGU

• 2016 ASLO G. Evelyn Hutchinson award

• 2017 EGU Vernadsky medal

• 2019 Geochemistry Fellow of GS and EAG

• 2019 Elected to Academia Europaea

• 2020 Elected to European Academy of Sciences

• 2022  Fellow of AGU






• Associate editor of Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta (2002-2018)

• Associate editor of Science Advances  (2014-)

• Associate editor of Biogeosciences (2004-)

• Associate editor of Limnology & Oceanography (1999-2009)

• Associate editor of Limnology & Oceanography Letters (2016-2018)


Hutchinson Award ceremony at Ocean Sciences 2016

Vernadsky award 2017

Laudatio for awarding honorary degree

Jack as master student at Framvaren Fjord workshop, his first scientific meeting

Filtrations, filtrations and filtrations

EAG/GS Fellow

Academia Europaea
Inaugural lecture date