Prof. dr. J.A. (Jan) van Maanen

Emeritus Professor
Mathematics Education
Mathematics Education
+31 30 253 1179

My main research interests are:

  • the integration of historical elements in mathematics education (the 'Reinvention Studies', which led to the PhD theses of Barbara van Amerom and Iris van Gulik-Gulikers, and several other publications)
  • professional development of mathematics teachers (in connection with the Ducth Centre of Expertise for Teacher Education in primary, secondary and further Mathematics, known by the Dutch acronym of ELWIeR)
  • the transmission of mathematical problems and knowledge via informal communication ('telling mathematics')

Also supervision of teachers of secondary mathematics, who were facilitated to do scientific research, two days per week, in the programme Teachers doing Research (LIOn) of the Dutch Science Foundation NWO-Exacte Wetenschappen.

International lectures (AMS-MAA Joint Conference 2007, ICME11 2008, BSHM-Gresham Lecture 2016), lectures in expert-conferences (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach 2006, 2007), co-chair of CERME's thematic working group 12 (2009/11/13/15).


Jan van Maanen (*1953). Studied mathematics (till 1977), maths teacher (till 1992), taught at Groningen Univ. (til 2006), professor at Utrecht (till 2012).

Mathematics education
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