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Johan den Hertog Was born in 1955, and studied Economics at the Economic Faculty, Free University of Amsterdam, where he graduated in 1979. Following a period where he assisted two Members of Parliament on matters of economic legislation, he studied Law at the Free University of Amsterdam and the Erasmus University Rotterdam, where he received a graduate degree in law in 1984. From 1983-1986 he was executive secretary of the Council and the Board of the Foundation for the Promotion of Economic Research (ECOZOEK) and the Foundation for the Promotion of Legal Research (NESRO). From 1986-1989 he worked for the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, assisting an inde-pendent advisory council to the government on matters of social regulation. Since 1989, he has been doing research and teaching at the former Economic Institute, now Utrecht School of Economics at the Utrecht University. At the Utrecht School of Economics he has been a member of the undergraduate board since 2003 and faculty council member since 2000. Den Hertog was a visiting professor in Rot-terdam (Rotterdam Institute of Law and Economics) and Buenos Aires (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella) and was awarded his PhD in Economics, specifically Law & Economics in 2003. His disserta-tion deals with public and private interests in regulation. His publications focus on economic regulation, competition, regulatory reform and deregulation, institutional economics, welfare economics, and social regulation. Den Hertog currently holds the position of associate professor in Law & Economics.

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All publications
  2014 - Articles
Van Ameijde, J., Overvoorde, J., Knapp, S., Den Hertog, J., Ruijtenbeek, R. & Liskamp, R. M. (01.03.2014). A new way to interrogate PTPs. Assay and Drug Development Technologies, 12 (2), (pp. 105-106) (2 p.).
  2012 - Articles
Unger, B. & den Hertog, J.A. (2012). Water always finds its way. New forms of money laundering. Crime, Law and Social Change, 57 (3), (pp. 287-304) (18 p.).
  2012 - Book parts / chapters
den Hertog, J.A. (2012). Economic Theories of Regulation. In RJ van den Berg & AM Pacces (Eds.), Regulation and Economics (pp. 25-96) (72 p.). Edward Elgar Publishing.
  2011 - Articles
Den Hertog, Johan (2011). Politician of passion. Biography of Pieter Jelles Troelstra. Bijdragen en Mededelingen Betreffende de Geschiedenis der Nederlanden, 126 (1), (pp. 121-123) (3 p.). ISI:000298275400040.
  2008 - Articles
v.d. Gronden, J. & den Hertog, J.A. (2008). Inkoopmacht: juridische en economische inzichten. Markt en Mededinging, 4, (pp. 124-136) (13 p.).
  2003 - Articles
den Hertog, J.A. (2003). Noncompetition Clauses: Unreasonable or Efficient?. European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice (3), (pp. 111-127) (17 p.).
  2001 - Articles
den Hertog, J.A. (2001). Efficientie en de 'essential facilities'-doctrine. Een economische analyse van het Bronner-arrest. Markt en Mededinging, 1, (pp. 14-22) (9 p.).
  2000 - Articles
den Hertog, J.A. (2000). Is beperking van de concurrentie efficiƫnt?. Tijdschrift voor Politieke Ekonomie, (pp. 69-91) (23 p.).

List of selected publications
1. The explanation of deregulation in the Netherlands, European Economic Review, 1996, 979-987.
2. Prospects for safe and sound jobs. The impact of future trends on costs and benefits of occupational health and safety (met F. van Waarden, H. Sinke en T. Wilthagen), Den Haag, Vuga-Uitgeverij, 1997, 123 pagina’s.
3. J.A. den Hertog en T. van Kooten, De PBO en de mislukte slachterij-sanering, Econo-misch Statistische Berichten, 4-9-1999, blz. 648-652.
4. J.A. den Hertog en T. van Kooten, Naschrift: Ondernemen en besturen, Economisch Statistische Berichten, 13-11-1999, blz. 859.
5. General Theories of Regulation, in: Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, B. Bouckaert and G. De Geest (eds), gepubliceerd in 1999 op het Internet, Internetadres: http://allserv.rug.ac.be/~gdegeest/; en in: B. Bouckaert and G. De Geest, Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, nr. 5000, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2000, blz. 223-271.
6. G. de Geest en J.A. den Hertog, The Economic Theory on Contract Remedies and the rationality of Noncompetition Clauses in the Labour Market, 2000, in B. Hessel, J.J. Schippers en J.J. Siegers, The Interaction between Labour Markets and Commodity Markets. Economic and Legal Analysis, Amsterdam, Thela-Thesis, blz.121-145.
7. Reversed Solidarity in Pension Plans, European Journal of Law and Economics 7, 1999, pp. 161-180.
8. Het concurrentiebeding in het licht van de nieuwe arbeidseconomie, Sociaal Recht, 2000, blz. 11-21 (met Gerrit de Geest).
9. Is beperking van de concurrentie efficiënt?, Tijdschrift voor Politieke Economie, 2000, blz. 69-91.
10. Efficiëntie en de ‘Essential Facilities’ - doctrine. Een economische analyse van het Bronner-arrest, Markt en Mededinging, 2001, nr. 1, blz. 14-22 (zie ook de rectificatie door de uitgever in nr. 3 , Markt en Mededinging, 2001, nr. 3, blz. 124).
11. Public and Private Interests in Regulation (PhD), Utrecht School of Economics, 2003.
12. Noncompetition Clauses: Unreasonable or Efficient?, European Journal of Law and Economics¸ 2003, pp. 111-127.


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