Dr Julie Fraser BA, LLB, LLM
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Julie Fraser is Assistant Professor with SIM at Utrecht University. She completed her PhD in 2018, entitled "Every Organ of Society": Exploring the Role of Social Institutions in the Effective Implementation of International Human Rights Law. As part of her doctoral research, Julie assisted the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women with their 65th session in Geneva in 2016, and undertook field research in Java, Indonesia in 2017. Julie currently teaches in the bachelor and master programmes, including Transitional Justice, International Human Rights Law, and Gender and International Law. She has also given guest lectures and workshops on a variety of topics in Europe and worldwide. 

Prior to academia, Julie practiced law as a qualified solicitor, including spending almost two years with the Registry of the International Criminal Court and three years as a lawyer with the Australian Government Solicitor. She was also the Managing Editor of the Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights from 2013- 2017, and Senior Counsel with the Public International Law and Policy Group from 2012 - 2017.

In addition to the PhD, Julie holds three degrees, a BA and LLB (honours) from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and an LL.M (cum laude) with from Utrecht University.  

Julie is a member of the Montaigne Centre.

Strategic themes / Focus areas
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All publications
  2017 - Articles
Fraser, J.A. & David Contreras, V.M. (2017). A Legal Pluralist Approach to the Use of Cultural Perspectives in the Implementation and Adjudication of Human Rights Norms. Buffalo Human Rights Law Review, 23 (75), (pp. 75-118).
Fraser, J.A. (12.04.2017). Inclusive Democracy: Franchise Limitations on Non-Resident Citizens as an Unjust Restriction of Rights under the European Convention on Human Rights. Utrecht Journal of International and European Law, 33 (84), (pp. 23–43) (20 p.).
Fraser, J.A. & Prudon, H.H.M. (2017). Integrating Human Rights with Local Norms: Ebola, Burial Practices and the Right to Health in West Africa. Intercultural Human Rights Law Review, (pp. 71-114) (43 p.).
Fraser, J.A., Taylor, M.S.C. & de Hoon, Marieke (2017). Levenslang uitzichtloosheid in internationaal perspectief. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor de Mensenrechten, (pp. 205-219) (14 p.).
  2017 - Websites / portals
  2017 - Editorial
Fraser, J.A. & Mc Gonigle, B.N. (12.04.2017). Bridging Scholarship and Practice: 20 Years of the Public International Law and Policy Group. Utrecht Journal of International and European Law, 33 (84), (pp. 1-3) (3 p.).
  2016 - Book parts / chapters
Fraser, J.A. & von Hebel, Herman (2016). O Tribunal Penal Internacional - Comentários ao Art 43 - 52 Estatuto de Roma. In Sylvia Steiner & Leonardo Brant (Eds.), O Tribunal Penal Internacional - Comentários ao Estatuto de Roma (pp. 721-746). Brazil: Del Rey.
  2016 - Websites / portals
Fraser, J.A. (25.11.2016). Understanding the Role of NGOs in a State-centric Human Rights System.
Fraser, J.A. & Mc Gonigle, B.N. (03.05.2016). When It Rains, It Pours - tracking the recent developments in international criminal justice.
  2015 - Book parts / chapters
Fraser, J.A. & David Contreras, Valeska (2015). Juvenile Criminal Justice before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Aims and Limitations of the Imprisonment of Children. In Yves Haeck, Oswaldo Ruiz-Chiriboga & Clara Burbano Herrera (Eds.), The Inter-American Court of Human Rights: Theory and Practice, Present and Future (pp. 547-572) (25 p.). Cambridge: Intersentia Publishers.
  2015 - Book reviews
Fraser, J.A. (2015). Book Review: "The Culturalization of Human Rights Law" (Federico Lenzerini, Oxford University Press 2014) Human Rights Quarterly, 37(4), (pp. 1110-1114). Human Rights Quarterly (5 p.).
  2015 - Websites / portals
  2014 - Articles
Zwart, Tom, ,, ,, ,, Roestenburg - Morgan, Ingrid, Links, Stacey, Qiao, Congrui, Prudon, Henrike, Odhiambo, Michael & Fraser, Julie (2014). Safeguarding the universal acceptance of human rights through the receptor approach. Human Rights Quarterly, 36 (4), (pp. 899 -905) (6 p.).
Contreras Garduno, Diana & Fraser, Julie (2014). The Identification of Victims Before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the International Criminal Court and Its Impact on Participation and Reparation: A Domino Effect?. Inter-American and European Human Rights Journal, 7 (1-2), (pp. 174-203 ).
  2013 - Books
Zwart, Tom, , & Fraser, Julie (2013). The European Court of Human Rights and its Discontents, Turning Criticism into Strength. (217 p.). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.
  2013 - Book parts / chapters
Fraser, Julie (2013). The European Convention of Human Rights as a common European endeavour: concluding remarks. In T. Zwart, S. Flogaitis & J. Fraser (Eds.), The European Court of Human Rights and its Discontents: Turning Criticism into Strength (pp. 192-210). UK : Edward Elgar Publishing.
Fraser, Julie, Khodakov , Alexander & Hellman, Matias (2013). The International Criminal Court and the Need to Foster Cooperation. In Jekaterina Nikitina (Eds.), Legal Dimension of International Community: Mosaic Elements (pp. 49-70). Centre Européen de Coopération Juridique .
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