I.H. (Ineke) Smit MSc

PhD Candidate
Equine Musculoskeletal Biology
Equine Musculoskeletal Biology

Ineke Smit is a PhD candidate on (clinical) gait analysis at the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, department of Clinical Sciences. She focusses on equine lameness (i.e. orthopaedic pain) and standardisation of muscle activity measurements during locomotion. Before she started her PhD she studied Human Movement Schiences and physiotherapy, where she gained experience in the fields of motion analysis, exercise physiology and movement pathologies. 


Ineke is mainly interested in muscle activation patterns that cause movement, and how they may change when an animal experiences pain or discomfort. She is part of a multidisciplinary team (ranging from veterinarians to machine learning specialists), that aims to discover the different pieces of the puzzle to improve equine wellfare and applies findings into clinical practice. 


Besides her research, she is part of the Veterinary PhD coucil, which aims to connect and improve the position of PhDs within the faculty of vetarinary medicine.