Dr. H. (Hanna) de Vries

Information / Collection Specialist
Utrecht University Library

As a subject specialist for Linguistics, Dutch, German and Classics, I support students and researchers in finding and, where necessary, purchasing scientific sources (books, journals, databases, software). I make sure the collections are up-to-date and provide information skills training.

As a member of the Publishing Support team, I am happy to guide you through the world of Open Access publishing. You can contact me for advice on, for example, suitable Open Access journals and the use of repositories. I am an editor at openaccess.nl and a member of the national UKB working group on Open Access. If you have any OA-related issues you would like to raise - from new Diamond initiatives in your field to questionable publishing practices - you are always welcome to contact me and my colleagues. Due to my background in the humanities, I am particularly interested in Open Access books, including Open Textbooks.

In addition to my activities at the University Library, I am a guest researcher at the Institute for Language Sciences (Language, Logic & Information research group). My research is about the interpretation of grammatical number (singular, plural and everything in between) and number-related properties of nouns and noun phrases. I am mainly interested in apparent 'mismatches' between syntactic and semantic number, and what the existence of such mismatches has to say about human cognition.