Dr. H. (Hanneke) Vlaming

Hugo R. Kruytgebouw
Padualaan 8
Kamer N809
3584 CH Utrecht

Dr. H. (Hanneke) Vlaming

Assistant Professor
Genome Biology and Epigenetics
+31 30 253 1728

Transcription by RNA Polymerase II produces all protein-coding and many non-coding RNA molecules in the cell. The Vlaming group aims to understand how productive transcription over long distances is achieved at protein-coding genes, and conversely, what drives early termination of RNA Polymerase II transcription at many non-coding loci. To this end, we use both advanced high-throughput screening and precise genome editing approaches, and combine this with cutting-edge nascent-RNA sequencing techniques. By deciphering the molecular mechanisms behind this key step in the transcription cycle, we can also study how it is misregulated in disease.


Hanneke Vlaming obtained her BSc and MSc degrees in pharmaceutical sciences at the VU university, before joining the laboratory of Dr Fred van Leeuwen at the Netherlands Cancer Institute as a PhD student. After obtaining her PhD, she moved to Boston to join the Adelman laboratory at Harvard Medical School as a postdoctoral researcher. For her work there, she was awarded three prestigious postdoctoral fellowships.

Since February 2023, Hanneke Vlaming is an assistant professor in the Division of Genome Biology & Epigenetics within the Intstitute of Biodynamics and Biocomplexity. Her group investigates how the fate of early elongating RNA Polymerase II is determined by a combination of sequence content and protein regulators.



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