Dr Ozan Ozavci (MA, PhD Manchester) has a background in political science, international relations and intellectual history. His current work focuses on the (entangled) histories of security, diplomacy and finances in Europe and the Middle East. To this date, Dr Ozavci has conducted research in more than forty archives in Europe, Russia, the United States and the Middle East, which include the archives of major oil companies (e.g. Shell in The Hague), transimperial banks (e.g. the Imperial Ottoman Bank), museums (e.g. The Hermitage in Saint Petersburg) as well as private collections (e.g. Calouste S. Gulbenkian archives in Lisbon). In 2014, he was awarded the prestigious Fernand Braudel Fellowship by the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme in Paris, and in 2023, NWO (Dutch Research Council) Open Competition M (€360k) and European Research Council Consolidator (€2m) grants, among others.






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Edited Volumes:


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Beatrice de Graaf, Ozan Ozavci and Erik de Lange (eds.), Securing Empires: Imperial Cooperation and Competition in the Nineteenth Century, Bloomsbury (under contract).


Articles, Book Chapters & Review Essays:


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Recent Newspaper Commentaries, Blogposts and Media Appearances:


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Lectures, Seminars, Conference & Workshop Papers:

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