Dr. Hanne Duindam PhD

Assistant Professor
Clinical Child and Family Studies
Social and Behavioural Sciences

Hanne Duindam is Assistant Professor in Forensic Child and Youth Care Sciences. After working as a psychologist in clinical and educational settings (2014-2017), Duindam received her PhD in Forensic Child and Youth Care Science from the University of Amsterdam in 2021. For her dissertation, she evaluated the effectiveness of a prison-based dog training program on improving wellbeing and reducing behavioral problems in incarcerated juveniles and adults.  
Contributing to the prevention – and effective treatment – of youth criminality, is one of Duindam’s key research interests. She believes that by fostering a stronger connection between academia and society, science can help generate solutions for the complex issues of today’s world. Her current research focuses on the identification and prevention of violent youth radicalization in the context of misinformation and conspiracy belief.
Duindam is co-coordinator of the interdisciplinary courses Youth Criminality & Youth Protection and Judicial Interventions. These courses are part of the JC & JB minor for students who aspire to work at the intersection of law, developmental psychopathology, and juvenile justice context. Duindam also teaches clinical courses in the Child Development Bachelor, including Treatment and Test & Observation Skills. Alongside her teaching, she supervises master theses.