Prof. dr. Bert van den Brink

Ethiek Instituut

I am a professor of Political and Social Philosophy at Utrecht University, based at University College Roosevelt (UCR) in Middelburg. I teach a variety of courses in UCR's Liberal Arts program, with a main focus in political and social philosophy. My research is in that area, where I have focused on the moral foundations of liberal thought and the relation between civil conflict, democratic virtue and societal stability. My work with my Ph.D. students is on the many aspects of that broad research area too.  

At Utrecht Utrecht, I am the executive director of Charm EU, an innovative collaboration between a number of European Universities that enables new approaches to academic education and exchange. Our aim is to let students from different universities, backgrouds and languages work together on understanding the world's sustainability challenges, and to help solve them by aligning the resources that education, research, innovation, business and society have to offer.    

Political and social philosophy
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