Dr. ir. H. (Hamed) Aslannejad

Assistant Professor
Sustainable Energy Supply Systems

Since 2014
An active member of Interpore-International Society for Porous Media

Since 2015
Committee member of InterPore Benelux Chapter

Chair of Task Force Committee InterPore - International Society for Porous Media

Organizer of InterPore Benelux 2016, Venlo, Netherlands 

Since 2017
Reviewer for various Journals (incl. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Journal of Colloids and Interface Science, Applied Geochemistry, Scientific Reports, Advances in Water Resources, Energy and Fuels, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering and SPE Journal)

Since 2020
Visiting Researcher in the PoreLab Norwegian Center of Excellence, Sweden

Since 2021
Key Player of Work package 3 (Direct Use of Hydrogen) in National Growth Fund of Dutch Government, Netherlands

Since 2022
Invited member of SoS TUe/WUR/UMCU/UU alliance




Characterizing the hydraulic properties of a porous coating of paper using FIB-SEM tomography and 3D pore-scale modelingHamed Aslannejad (Invited speaker)
31 Aug 2017
A practical introduction to heat and fluid flow modelling – Applications in Petroleum Systems AnalysisHamed Aslannejad (Participant)
9 May 201714 May 2017
'Practical aspects of reservoir simulation (using Eclipse Reservoir Simulator)' by Dr. Denis Voskov in Delft University of TechnologyHamed Aslannejad (Participant)
20 Mar 201724 Mar 2017


Ink flow in coating layer of paperHamed Aslannejad (Invited speaker)
7 Oct 2016