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Curriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae
Hilke Grootelaar obtained her Bachelor's degree in Public Administration and Organisational Science (2011) and her Bachelor's degree in Law (2012) at Utrecht University. In 2014 she obtained her Master's degree in Legal Research cum laude. Within this two-years Research Master she did among other things empirical research on judicial behaviour in post-defence hearings and result-oriented behaviour of public prosecutors. Hilke did an internship at the Research and Strategy Department of the Dutch Council for the Judiciary. Next to her studies, she worked as a student assistant for the Montaigne Centre for Judicial Administration and Conflict Resolution and worked as court clerk at the Administrative Law Department of the district court of the Mid-Netherlands. In 2014, Hilke was nominated together with two fellow students for the Katadreuffe price for students full of "karakter" of studying at Utrecht University's School of Law. 

After her graduation, Hilke started as PhD Candidate at the Montaigne Centre for Judicial Administration and Conflict Resolution. Supervised by Professor of Social Psychology and Empirical Legal Science Kees van den Bos, she wrote her dissertation "Interacting with Procedural Justice in Courts" which she defended cum laude on the 25th of May 2018. As PhD Candidate, she was involved in the courses Foundations of Law, Sociology of Law, and Methodology Round Table. Hilke was a member of the LEG Faculty Council too.

Together with Marij Swinkels and Elena Valbusa, Hilke initiated the InclUUsion project within Utrecht University, which aims at giving refugee students the opportunity to participate for free in all kinds of courses offered by Utrecht University. They won the LEG Faculty's Societal Impact Price of 2016 for doing this. 

Since December 2017, Hilke has been working as a Postdoctoral researcher at the Montaigne Centre for Judicial Administration and Conflict Resolution. Hilke conducts empirical research on the constitutional dialogues and feedback loops between courts and legislators. Next to that, Hilke is involved  and works as editorial secretary at the Dutch journal for the socialscientific study of law 'Recht der Werkelijkheid'. 

Hilke Grootelaar performs as a chair and gives several workshops and lectures for external parties such as ministries, courts and law firms. 


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Scientific publications 

H.A.M. Grootelaar. Interacting with Procedural Justice in Courts (diss.). Utrecht University 2018. 

H.A.M. Grootelaar & K. van den Bos. 'How Litigants in Dutch Courtrooms Come to Trust Judges: The Role of Perceived Procedural Justice, Outcome Favorability, and Other Sociolegal Moderators' in: Law & Society Review, Volume 52, Issue 1, 2018, pp. 234-268, DOI: 10.1111/lasr.12315

H.A.M. Grootelaar & K. van den Bos. 'Denken + meten = weten' in: Ars Aequi, 64, november 2015, pp. 858-860.

H.A.M. Grootelaar, T.A. Waterbolk & J. Winkels, 'The Relationship between Role Conception, Judicial Behaviour and Perceived Procedural Justice. Some Explorative Remarks in the Context of Dutch Post-Deference Hearings' in: Utrecht Law Review, Volume 10, Issue 4, 2014, pp. 147-161.

H.J. van Harten & H.A.M. Grootelaar, 'Doorwerking van het Handvest van de grondrechten van de Europese Unie in de Nederlandse rechtspraak: een kwantitatieve stand van zaken' in: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor de Mensenrechten/NJCM-Bulletin, jaargang 39 (2014), nr. 2, pp. 181-199.

Contributions and book chapters 

H.A.M. Grootelaar, A.A.A. Janssen & E. Pander Maat, 'Hoe eerlijk ervaren consumenten de klachtbehandeling?' Tijdschrift voor Klachtrecht, 2, 2018, pp. 15-17. 

H.A.M. Grootelaar & K. van den Bos, ‘Conducting Experiments and Surveys in the Field of Administrative Justice: On the Importance of Fair Procedures in Governance’ in: P. Desmet, W. van Boom, & P. Mascini (Red.), Empirical legal research in action: reflections on methods and their applications. Camberley Surrey, VK: Edward Elgar 2018, pp. 23-56. 

 H.A.M. Grootelaar, L.E. Hulst & K. van den Bos, ‘Ervaren procedurele rechtvaardigheid’ in: D. de Groot & H. Steenberge (red.). Handboek Civiele Zitting. Den Haag: Boom Juridische Uitgevers. Published in 2018.  

A.F.M. Brenninkmeijer & H.A.M. Grootelaar, 'De strijd om de rechterlijke macht' in: Rechtstreeks, 2, 2016, pp. 12-45. 

H.A.M. Grootelaar & K. van den Bos, 'Naar meer ervaren legitimiteit van de Nederlandse rechtspraak' in: R. Ortlep, F. Groothuijse, J. Kiewiet & R. Nehmelman (ed.), De rechter onder vuur. Oisterwijk: Wolf Legal Publishers 2016, pp. 275-298.


H.A.M. Grootelaar, P. Mascini, & W. van Rossum, 'Recht als conflictoplossing?' in: Recht der Werkelijkheid, 2, 2017, pp. 3-8. 

H.A.M. Grootelaar, ‘Empirische rechtswetenschap: Fad, Feud or Fellowship?’ in: Recht der Werkelijkheid, 1, 2017, pp. 3-8. 


H.A.M. Grootelaar, E. Pander Maat, A. Janssen & K. van den Bos, Uitleg over de uitspraak. Een onderzoek naar ervaren procedurele rechtvaardigheid onder consumenten van het Klachteninstituut Financiële Dienstverlening. Utrecht, december 2017. 

H.A.M. Grootelaar, L. Venderbos, S.A.H. Vromen & H.J. van Harten, Toegang tot het recht: een actueel portret. Een verkennend onderzoek naar relevante Nederlandse overheidsmaatregelen sinds 2008 en de gevolgen daarvan voor rechtzoekenden. Montaigne Centrum voor Rechtspleging en Conflictoplossing, September 2014. 


'Van recht doen naar rechtvaardigen', Recht in onderzoek, in: Mr. 3, 2016, pp. 77-81. 

Blogs and columns 

H.A.M. Grootelaar, 'Over nieuwsgierige rechtbanken en innoverende rechters' in: Rechtstreeks2, 2018, pp. 9 -12. 

H.A.M. Grootelaar, Een wereld van verschil. Blog of the Montaigne Centre for Judicial Administration and Conflict Resolution, published on the 22nd of February 2017. 

H.A.M. Grootelaar & K. van den Bos, Leidt mediation tot minder druk op de rechtspraak? NRC Handelsblad Rubriek Mensenkenners on, published on Friday the 15th of May 2015. 


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Postdoctoral research 

My postdoctoral research project focuses on constitutional dialogues and feedback loops between courts and legislators. The Dutch constitutional system provides for a dynamic and organic model of checks and balances, once conceived by the politician Thorbecke. The constitutional system thus assumes the presence of a feedback loop, but unknown is whether this feedback loop indeed functions as presumed. Is feedback actually given, for example, and if so, does that lead to follow-up actions? Using both a legal and a public administration perspective, this research project aims to describe how the institutionalized dialogue between judges and legislators functions in practice. By interviewing the actors who play an important role within this model of checks and balances, the research aims at providing insight into the social, cultural, political, and functional mechanisms that may explain why the organized dialogue takes place or not.  The project is supervised by prof. mr. J.H. (Janneke) Gerards (School of Law), prof. mr. E. (Eddy) Bauw (School of Law), prof. dr. M.A.P. Bovens (School of Governance) and prof. dr. M. Noordegraaf (School of Governance).

PhD research "Interacting with Procedural Justice in Courts"

During my PhD research, I studied the relation between perceived procedural justice and trust in judges. In three empirical studies, I tested the hypothesis that people who feel treated fairly by judges are more likely to trust judges. I examined this positive relationship (1) in a context where people had a lot at stake, (2) in a context of prevailing distrust in the criminal law system, and (3) in combination with the judge's perspective of procedural justice (i.e., proactive procedural justice). 

My central premise is that whereas perceived outcome favorability differs from perceived procedural justice, their impact on trust in judges and the judiciary cannot be studied in isolation from one another. I aim at examining the combined effects of procedural justice and outcome favorability in courtroom contexts. The interaction effect between perceived procedural justice and outcome favorability on trust in the judiciary will be studied in three types of law cases. The litigants involved in these studies differ not only in age, sex, educational level and trial experience, but as well in the way they cope with uncertain situations such as a day in court and in the degree to which the outcome matters to their financial and psychological wellbeing. It will be examined whether these factors influence the way in which litigants come to their fairness judgments and the role procedural concerns and outcome concerns play in this judgment. 

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Foundations of Law
Sociology of Law 
Methodology Round Table (Legal Research Master)
Legal Research (Module Utrecht Law College) 
Qualitative Research (Utrecht School of Governance) 
Constitutional and Administrative Law (Utrecht School of Governance) 

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